What in Your Life is Calling Out to You?

  • What Needs Attention:
  • What dream wish is waiting to be fulfilled?
  • What talent in you is just waiting to be tapped? Are you a potential writer, artist, musician, entertainer, doctor, nurse, athlete or leader? What do you feel needs to be explored at this point in your life?
  • What emotional needs are feeling unmet? Is that sadness, anger, frustration, grief, loneliness, anxiety, nervousness, fear, conflict, confusion, depression, burnout or hopelessness getting to you big time?
  • What in your life do you know you have to get right or develop or overcome.
  • Is your need for peace, quiet, relaxation, contentment, affection, love, kindness, friendship, trust, play, adventure, freedom, joy, happiness, excitement, delight and gratitude calling to you? Often a holiday can supply these, but you may need these vital nutrients in greater quantities in your daily life. Starvation of these emotions will leave you as prone to illness as any physical deprivation of  food nutrients will.
  • How is your career doing? How are you doing in your present job? Happy or hating it?
  • How are your various relationships ( intimate, social, business) going?
  • What about your health status? Good health is real wealth! It is your most valuable possession. Are you doing enough to be in good health or create it from scratch?
  • Do you want to get rid of bad habits like smoking, drinking, overeating, prescription or recreational drug use?
  • Does your entire life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, need detoxification?
  • How happy are you with your education/ career aspirations?
  • How are your finances?
  • Are you managing your finances well? Do you lose money, waste it, overspend or just avoid self discipline?
  • Do you have a lack of willpower?
  • Are you trying to manage stress in your life? Do you have a stress management strategy?
  • How are you handling your family, extended family, friends and social life?
  • Do you have a spiritual practice? I mean things that you do daily, not just what you know about. There is a big difference between knowing about–done it before and doing it currently. That is where coaching come in.
  • Do you have clear goals in each department of life? Are you taking action daily heading towards these goals?
  • Are you feeling productive in your life?
  • Do you have enough self esteem and self confidence?
  • Are you happy and grateful for everything in your life?
  • Do you manage time and have you tamed whatsapp, facebook, tv overuse or procrastination?
  • Do you spend most of your life sitting? You can go about changing that. Sitting is considered the new smoking–it is that unhealthy!
  • Things that are grabbing your attention are calling from deep inside you for some kind of change.
  • Stages of Change:
  • The need for change should result in you taking some kind of action to remedy the situation. Unfortunately life is not that simple. You have to go through various stages to move from need to response. This process involves moving through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance and that gives you the freedom to take some kind of focused action. Getting stuck with the process will stop you reaching your goals.
  • Can you take a step back from the situation and say, “I do not have the answers for the situation, but I will make it my business to find them”. You have to own it to change it. Are you owning the problems or challenges facing you, or are you busy running away? Saying that you do not have anything that needs changing, is the denial of ownership of your situation, or a simple self sabotage block. Even an enlightened person may be busy with this or that project and encounter obstacles on their journey.
  • Dealing with the Stages:                                                                                                          These are thoughts that may go through your mind or you may find yourself saying them to people you are with.                                                                                                     What a bother. I hate this (anger)      I can’t deal with this.(denial)                                   This is one of my pet peeves. (frustration)                                                                               This drives me nuts. (anger)
  • This is not my problem.(denial)                                                                                                 I do not have any problems.(denial)                                                                                         I am powerless in this situation.(denial/victim)                                                                     This frustrates me a lot.(anger/impatience)                                                                            I’m not responsible for this situation. My parents, upbringing, class, society, my partner, bad people, the government, gangsters, banksters, religion or the weather is the real cause.(denial/victim/blame)                                                                                     If the economy changes……….(powerlessness, victim, blaming God, cop out, bargaining)     I don’t really have to do this.(denial, refusal)                                           I’ll start tomorrow.(bargaining, procrastination, refusal)                                                  Right now is not the perfect time.(lying, refusal) Right now is always the perfect time, even if it is only the time to write up your strategy and to plan when to implement it and to put that date in your diary.                                                                 I’ll begin once I have more……………..( off, procrastination, indirect refusal)                   I’m not good enough or strong enough to even get started….( denial,rejection of your own power, victim, playing small, bargaining, refusing, desperation to run away)     Today I’ll have fun, or right now I must enjoy this…… but tomorrow I will get round to it and focus on the work needed. Another variation of this ” I don’t have the energy right now, but tomorrow I will…………( all procrastination, refusal, evasive action, laziness, slipperiness, conning self and others)  .
  • Roll up your sleeves and deal with all the blocks to change one at a time.That is why the reasons you are not getting on with stuff is shown above in brackets eg denial, procrastination, refusal.
  • Do you to want to change? Yes or No? If yes is the answer, immediately do something about. Write it on paper. For example:                                                          My challenge regarding my health is………………………………….                                         My challenge regarding my relationship is……………………….                                               The dream that I would like to manifest  is……………………….                                                           I am keen to create………………………………………………………………                                             If there is an area of your life where you want to change, but feel that you are not able to change, call me. I can help you with this. Coaching is designed to help with this kind of work. Breaking through barriers is what coaching is about.                         Taking enough action will result in movement in your chosen direction.
  • Acceptance frees you to take Action.                                                                                  Once you are aware of a problem, the next step is to admit that you have to leave your comfort zone in order to make changes. The average person tends to look for an easy way out. Enlist the help of someone like me whose work is coaching people towards their goals. If a little voice in your head shouts “I don’t know how to do this”, answer that with the statement ” I will find a way”. I’m here to provide all the technical help and support that you need to get the job done, to reach your goals, to fix what needs fixing and manifest something new and better in your life.
  • Once you have become aware of your needs or problems, you have to decide to do something about them. That will involve overcoming various fears. You may have to face fear of: change, the unknown, failure, success, loss, upsetting others, the jealousy of others, self doubt, and guilt and anxiety about change.
  • Once you are aware of the roots of the problem, the next step is to admit that ” I have to leave my comfort zone and do something about this if anything is to change”. This is what separates those who are proactive from those who are the average masses looking for the easy lazy way out. Hoping will not make it fall from the sky. Enlist the help and support of someone like me to ensure that you succeed. A good coach helps you get the job done, instead of just thinking about it. Phone me ! 0761458374.




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Michael Rault is a highly qualified and passionate Health Coach, with many years experience practicing as a Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctor.

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