Daily Inspiration.

Let’s climb the mountains of self healing and inner growth. Let us overcome self imposed limitations and beliefs. As we do so we clear the way for family, friends and random people to do the same. As we heal ourselves, we affect our genetic linage for the future and with intent, perhaps our past linage. The greatest service we can give to the world is our own self healing. We make a difference just by raising our own vibration and getting on with our lives. Keep going. No need to try and heal the world out there. It is coming straight to the door of your own heart. Every second, every step counts. When we raise our consciousness we heal that which is around us. When we lower our vibration, you can imagine what damage we do not only to ourselves. ‘Rise and Shine’ all you beautiful beings.

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Michael Rault is a highly qualified and passionate Health Coach, with many years experience practicing as a Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctor.

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