Build Up to Lunar Eclipse.

The build up to the coming lunar eclipse on 27 July 2018 is underway. I have seen how emotional and stirred up many people are. You Tube has a lot of clips about it being a time of great change. Since resistance to change is so common in the human race, there is unrest and chaos when change comes due to outside pressure. Our old mental and emotional ways, beliefs and reasons for living need an upgrade. The interim period of change is extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant since the old and the new are warring against each other. That leads to explosions. So do not be surprised if you see unrest in and all around you. Let us allow the chaos outside and inside pass through us. Now is the time to seek refuge in our inner states of peace and love no matter what happens out there. Freaking out is not an option if that is your decision. Time for tulsi tea and any other calming teas or herbs or remedies that you manage to get hold of. Prayer, meditation or calming music are good options. Nature, your garden or your pets will also be steadying influences. Enjoy a media fast. Why fill your head with all the disaster and negativity? One fact remains. We are breathing. Breathing techniques will keep us from going over the edge. A simple one is to say to yourself “peace (or love) on the in breath and “release (or let go)” on your out breath. Use it as much of the time as possible and it will take you to a place of greater stillness. Embrace inner change for the good and good changes will predominate. Love Light and Blessings to all of you.

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Michael Rault is a highly qualified and passionate Health Coach, with many years experience practicing as a Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctor.

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