Daily Inspiration.

Your life transforms when you stop dissecting everything and labelling the pieces as more or less deserving of dignity and care. What a waste of time and energy that is, when you can simply cherish all of Creation as it exists. The Way is inclusive, not exclusive. Your heart and mind are meant to be lovers, not enemies. Like Heaven and Earth, they wish only to live as equals in harmony within you. It’s their kind wisdom together, the sublime flow of their discerning devotion, that creates the loving world where the true you can survive.

Turn on the tv and your loving world dissolves in chaos. Turn it off and there is your loving world waiting for us to both see it, tend/create it and live in it.

May you radiate Love.

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Michael Rault is a highly qualified and passionate Health Coach, with many years experience practicing as a Naturopathic and Homeopathic doctor.

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