Daily Affirmation

Today I sparkle and shine. Joy is my habitual response to the world.


Stay Inspired.

There is a lot of turmoil going on in our country at present. Even if you ignore politics, the fights will impact you nonetheless. When we wake up from the illusion of the ego, we may feel angry for being woken up. It is comfortable in la la land. A reality check is a rude awakening. I try and get past that state of reaction and angst as fast as possible, because it is a waste of energy.  This applies to politics and our inner health. A person might be disturbed by the level of toxins that we discover in their body when we test their bloodstream. Anger, worry or fear will just attract more of the very thing that  you are reacting to. Taking massive action to fix something up makes sense. Seeing peace in the world and healing in our lives and our bodies will attract peace and healing. Freaking out will attract more negative reactions. That will make a bad situation worse.

Coaching teaches us to be specific about what we want and focus on, because that attracts what we want. Pay minimal attention to what you do not want lest you attract that. Pull in the opposite using your power of your subconscious under the direction of your conscious mind. It looks like this: Name your goal. Accept responsibility. Take positive action. Follow your action plan. Take one step at a time. Stay motivated. This is where coaching is very helpful. Remember that no matter what:You Can Do It.