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The greatest gift that you could give to anyone you love is the gift of positive expectation. But you can’t give someone positive expectation until you know the Law of Attraction and the Law of Manifestation and have practiced them yourself enough so that they are very familiar.

It’s not your work to make anything happen. It’s your work to dream it and let it happen. Law of Attraction will make it happen. In your joy, you create something, and then you maintain your vibrational harmony with it, and the Universe must find a way to bring it about. That’s the promise of Law of Attraction. So see that gift of positive expectation become the gift you give or offer.

Daily Inspiration.

Set Goals. Dream big. Take Action.

  • Wishing for results won’t achieve it.
  • Wanting results won’t accomplish it.
  • Hoping for results won’t cut it.
  • Resolving to get results won’t get it done.

So, what are the KEYS to success?

  • Clear achievable and specific Goals.
  • Then create a game Plan to achieve them. Fail to plan, then plan to fail.
  • Commitment to the plan.
  • The Discipline to do what it takes.
  • Consistency no matter what. Make it up if you slip or miss.
  • An intense Desire to do whatever it takes. No excuses.
  • NEVER give up attitude.

Failure in NOT an option! Ask Olympic champions. Ask the best professional athletes. Ask the top business leaders. Ask the top performers in any profession. They practice these principles.

How committed are you? Ask yourself:

  • What could you do if your life depended on it?
  • What could you do if failure meant losing your family?
  • Would you do whatever it takes?
  • Then why don’t you just do what it takes?
  • How bad do you want it?

The reason people fail has NOTHING to do with whether they CAN do it or not. It has to do with the battle of  THE WILL. And the WILLingness to defeat any obstacle.

Advantages In Emotional And Spiritual Healing From Writing A Diary

People who love to write are more optimistic and satisfied whenever they write about their deepest feelings. When we consider diary writing, it’s not actually very difficult. Expressing the inner thoughts of an individual is both natural and healing.

Individuals who love diary writing connect with their unique inner expressions, experiences, behaviours, feelings, and thoughts.

You can become aware of your emotions and personal experiences by writing a diary. Writing is itself a huge topic. When writing in your diary,  it can be about goals, dreams, doodling, art, personal experiences, events, thoughts, or even put in story form. 

Journal Writing, Emotions & Spirituality

If you write a few times, taking 15 minutes each time, it is a great remedy for getting in touch with and healing emotional and spiritual wounds. I use tapping or EFT after getting in touch with my inner wounds via journaling. Writing about your past grievances and putting your conscious and subconscious  feelings into words automatically brings some change in emotions. It provides various ways to understand and release your past and current stress wounds and to plan what you want to create for the future.

Benefits Of Diary Writing

The relationship between writing, emotions and spiritual healing is not unique. It’s just like a yoga exercise for the mind and emotions. To relieve mental anxiety, you can write in your diary. Below are points that will elaborate the benefits of writing a diary. 

1. Recall The Past To Present

Emotions attached to past events can be replicated once again in an imaginary state. Neuroscientists claimed that if a person wants, he/she can recall past events, memories, locations, and taste. Writing a diary is the best practice to  recall these memories. For some people writing is a deep spiritual healing activity, which gives them comfort and overcomes anxiety. To understand the humanity and the nature of creation, writing brings the possible solution. On the one hand we think of ourselves differently. On the other side, we perceive things differently. This reflection of different thoughts and personalities can be realized or differentiated via writing.

Secondly, diary writing is the best practice to get rid of emotional blocks and hindrances. Spiritual healing does not permit you to ignore your own thoughts and beliefs but to put them in a different perspective.

2. A Fresh Mind For The Future

A clear head can craft creative ideas. If someone has a dark past, it is better to write it release it and move on. Diary writing promotes physical, emotional, and psychological release/healing. It also boosts your confidence level and creativity. 

Every individual has automatic thoughts running around his/her mind. These thoughts are not detectable unless you start writing. Once you start diary writing, automatic self-talk in your mind will become clear. Then tapping can be used to make changes.

3. Freedom Of Thoughts

Writing a diary gives you complete freedom of thought. There is no limitation of good and bad writing patterns. You are not competing with your friends, family or peers. Pure letting go and creativity are yours. This allows you to be conscious of what you process and release and what you attract into manifestation. Your imagination is limitless.

4. To Analyze State Of Emotions

Diary writing is more like conversing with yourself because you are the one who is writing and analyzing the particulars. There is no emotional anxiety or pressure associated with diary writing. Whenever you get free time, you can note down the thoughts in your mind.

5. Stress Revealing 

Diary writing is the best arsenal for an anxious person. It reduces anxiety and stress. College students often experience  more stress during their project work. If they had a practice of diary writing, there would not be too stressed to write their projects.

Writing heals the stressed mind and pent-up emotional energy. For every individual, it is very important  in today’s  world to start diary writing. We can’t ignore that technology has invaded in our lives, and it is the major reason that we disregarded diary writing. But still writing on paper has its significance whenever we will talk about an event, story, personal experience, or any myth. We have to use paper based writing.  

6. Boost Decision Making Power

it is scientifically proven that writing improves judgment and sharpens the power of decision making. The decision making power of a journal writer will be better than that of the non-writer. 

7. Self-Recognition And Self Confidence 

Research conducted by Ulster University stated that emotional intelligence is somehow dependent on recognition of self. The question arises here that, what actually recognition is? Self-recognition and confidence is a great debatable and interesting topic. The foundation of recognition occurs with the questions “W”. On a similar note writing a diary guides you to answer the “what, why, who, and where” questions. Once you recognize yourself, then the movement begins, and you start building your confidence level.

Bottom Lines

The stimulus behind every successful writer is motivation. Diary writing is something that brings internal enthusiasm, passion, and connection to literature. It is commonly observed that writers who start their careers after diary writing are more successful. They seek to write unbiased facts about any topic and understand the demands of targeted bookworms. Journal/diary writing are closely related to mindfulness.


How to Stay Mindful and Safe Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak.

 “We cannot always control everything that happens to us in this life, but we can control how we respond.” ~Lionel Kendrick

The coronavirus is no longer isolated to just China. It’s here and some fear it will stay for years. It’s all over the news and there is an inescapable sense of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty. Lies and misinformation dominate the media.

Anxiety thrives on uncertainty. And these are some very uncertain times.

But then I am reminded to be mindful, not swept away by the constant news stories, whatsapp stories, neighbourhood and office chatter, and Facebook stories bombarding my external environment. Being mindful doesn’t mean ignoring or avoiding the situation at hand. It means being present, aware, and discerning with all that is going on. Here are some things that help me stay grounded and mindful:

1. Be prepared for the things that you can control.

You don’t have control over what happens in life, but you do have control over how you choose to respond. So how can you choose to respond to this outbreak? You can choose to react to the news, be driven by fear, causing anxiety and stress—or you can choose to be calm and better prepared. Here are some examples:

I finally convinced some elderly patients to cancel their upcoming international trip. When I was able to communicate my concern from a place of love, not control, my stubborn patients were more receptive. Before that they were not considering all the new travel rules that countries were bringing out, not to mention the toll that flying exerts on the system.

Work: Discuss with your boss the possibility of work-from-home options, and make sure you have the necessary equipment and tools to work remotely.

Finances: There is a possibility that you could be asked to stay home and not work for an extended amount of time. If you are not financially prepared for this, it is important to start thinking about it now. Some questions you may ask yourself are: Where are some areas I could cut unnecessary spending? How can I save more in the case of an emergency? Who could I reach out for financial support if I exhaust my resources?

Fitness: Instead of going to the gym, you might think about taking a run in nature, or doing your workout at home.

Disruptions such as school, work, and business closures can cause anxiety and stress. But these things are out of your control. The best thing you can do is be prepared for these disruptions to the extent that you can.

2. What you choose to focus on, grows.

Are you constantly watching the news, taking in every new case of the coronavirus, talking about the outbreak with every colleague, friend, or family member? Are you thinking, “Oh my God, what happens if I get it and spread it to my children? The whole world will be soon infected!” How are your anxiety and stress levels? I bet you believe you are at high risk.

You can choose to grow your fear by being constantly inundated with this type of information, or you can choose to anchor yourself in a belief that is true for you. An example may be: “I am taking the necessary precautions to be as safe as possible.”

If you are feeling anxious, a loving-kindness mantra may be helpful: “May I be safe, may I be healthy, may I live with ease.”

Personally, I chose to cut my exposure to the news. I am not being ignorant by avoiding the news, I am being discerning of what information I expose myself to. I educate myself about the type of precautions I need to take—not out of fear, but out of discernment so that I can take the necessary precautions from an intelligent, clear, centered place.

3. Take care of your health (mind, body, spirit).

This goes without saying, but taking care of your health should always be top priority. Especially during times like these, it is even more important to care for your health and build a strong immune system.

Sleep well. Sleep affects your immune system. You are more likely to get sick after being exposed to a virus if not getting enough sleep (and quality sleep!).

Eat well and exercise. Healthy eating habits and exercise are vital to optimal health. Exercise and healthy eating promotes feelings of well-being and boosts immunity.

Self-care/self-love. You can sleep well, eat well, and be in good physical shape but be running around frantically, mind racing a million miles per minute, trying to serve everyone else’s needs. Stop and do something for you. Whether that’s taking five minutes to soak in the warm sun, enjoying a hot bath, or taking a walk in nature. Do something (no matter how small) every day, just for you.

Meditation/mindfulness practice. Breathe, sit in silence, observe your thoughts without judgment, be still. You know that meditating or practicing mindfulness has immense benefits to your health. Make it a priority.

The more you stress, the more you decrease your immune functioning, the more susceptible you are to getting sick..

You can take the necessary precautions to be safe. Discern what you choose to focus on, and keep your mind, body, and spirit in optimal health.

May you be safe.
May you be happy.
May you be healthy.
May you live with ease.

Daily Inspiration.


Awakening is not a path for the faint of heart. You will be humbled. You will be brought to your knees, many, many times. What you thought you knew will occasionally dissolve into nothingness.

Your most brilliant insights, your astonishing expertise, your life’s work, it can all crumble to the ground, without warning. You will be asked to begin again, and again, and again and again. Did I say, this is not a path for the faint of heart? Oh yes, you will touch the bliss and joy of existence, for sure! You will laugh at the simplicity of things. You will also be asked to confront your deepest fears, face the darkness and the night within, go to the places where the unloved creatures dwell. You will step into pockets of grief you never knew were there. You will cry a billion tears for the lost and abandoned children, within and without. You will rage to the sky, to your parents, to all the teachers who failed you, to the lies you were fed, to the ones who never showed up when you needed them the most. You will tremble with fear some days. Some days the ground will open up and swallow you and spit you back out. Sometimes you will think you’ve reached the end of the path, and then you will find yourself back at the damn beginning. Sometimes you will feel like giving up. Sometimes you will feel like you’ve made no progress at all. Sometimes you will curse the day you started out on this journey. Yet you are healing. Yes, you are. You are thawing, undoing billions of years of karma. Fear-based conditioning is melting away, and you are meeting life in the raw. You are returning to nature, to the Garden, to the wild, to your origin where you were conceived. It’s not always easy. It’s not always peaceful. It’s not always the spirituality you were sold. It’s not always love and light and joy and positivity and pure undisturbed Awareness. No, it’s an authentic awakening. You are a warrior of realness now, tired of the bullshit and the false promises, weeping and raging and laughing your way into the terrible, wonderful wholeness that you are. All your old dreams have crumbled, but you have not. The voices of fear and shame and doubt may still be with you, but you are bigger than them now. You have days where you feel tiny, yes, but you have days where you can hold the whole Universe in the palm of your hand. You have gone insane to be normal, you have cracked to be whole, you have traded the old security for a life of adventure, and given up the sad old dogmas for the thrill of not knowing. You are finding safety in the darkest places, and beauty in the loneliest places, and love in the places you thought had been forsaken by love. You are never abandoned by life, friend, for you are life, and even when you fall to the ground, you are completely supported by unknowable forces. And so what. So what! You fall! You bruise yourself. You feel ashamed for a while. You weep out the old dream. So what! You cry out the expectation and you turn to face the reality and it is never, never as bad as you’d feared. You pick yourself up, you dust yourself off, you get back on the path, and you walk on. You never left the path, for the path never left… you. For the path forms itself under your very feet, in every Now, with each step that you take or do not take, rejoicing in your unique journey, celebrating you exactly as you are today, bowing to your failures as well as your victories. So, begin again. Begin again. And walk on…………..

Daily Inspiration.

Beloved One

I sang outside your window, serenading you with bird-songs of love. But you weren’t listening. I came to you in dreams, whispered sweet nothings in your ear, and granted you visions of what was possible, but you dismissed my voice when you woke up. I showed up as thoughts in your head, affirming that you are beautiful, whole, and cherished, but you let your sweet, scared inner critic write me off. I planted passages from books, blog posts, keynote speeches, bumper stickers, and messages through other people in front of you, hoping you’d hear my voice. But you credited my gushing words of love to the writers, lecturers, car bumpers, and intuitive humans, missing altogether that I was using them to get through to you. 

So today I kneel here before you, beseeching you to finally pay attention to my words.

Your Higher Self.

Daily Inspiration.

In your own life, where you can adopt a more positive perspective on your circumstances? Things may not be just to your liking but what’s good about them? What can you appreciate? What is the experience inviting you to explore within? How might unideal things force you to grow? Are you being presented with an opportunity to make positive transformation or more deeply embrace a perspective on life and all the stuff you don’t like in it? What is good in your life now? What is bad? Are you sure? Bad according our likes and dislikes can be good. Good according to our desires can reverse easily. Face life with infinite patience and perseverance.

“Where there is confusion, I am here to guide you to your true path. Where there is suffering, I am here to hold you on my great lap and ease the pain. Where there is uncertainty, I am here to reassure you that everything is happening in Divine timing. Where there is sickness, I am here to heal you. Where there is trauma, I am here to restore peace. Where there is cause for celebration, I am your cosmic cheerleader. I am your essence, your soul, your dearest Beloved, always here, always ignited, just longing to walk you back home.”

Your Inner Light.

The Relationship between Radiation and COVID.

Read more brilliant information from Sayer Ji of Green Med Info. Michael Rault.

Posted on: 

Wednesday, July 22nd 2020 at 1:15 pm

Written By: 

Sayer Ji, Founder


A now withdrawn paper published in the Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents posits there may be a unique, causally connected relationship between 5G millimeter wave exposure and coronavirus — an idea which, though widely discussed early on in the global COVID crisis, was eventually dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media and government officials, resulting in widespread censorship on social media platforms

The now retracted study, titled, “5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells,” authored by an international collaboration of scientists from Italy, the U.S. and Russia, suggests that 5G radiation may be absorbed by dermatologic cells that act like antennas,* thereby potentially transferring its effects to other cells, including activating DNA-based biosynthetic processes within the nucleus of the cell, possibly resulting in the de novo synthesis of coronaviruses in biological cells. 

The authors describe how this may work as follows: 

“DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source.

These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as Coronavirus.

To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5G millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as Coronaviruses (COVID-19) within cells.”

As for why the study was retracted, it’s stated:

“This article has been retracted at the request of the Editor. After a thorough investigation the Editor-in-Chief has retracted this article as it showed evidence of substantial manipulation of the peer review.”

However, the idea that one of the causes of illness associated with the coronavirus crisis derives from non-native electromagnetic radiation exposure, including from 5G millimeter waves, was proposed by Dr. Thomas Cowan, in the highly controversial presentation below. This has been labeled as “false and harmful” information on a variety of social media and global mainstream media platforms.

 According to Cowan, 5G millimeter waves may induce cell damage that results in the excretion of cellular contents, which include nucleic acids and exosomes (virus-like nanoparticles produced within cells as natural forms of intercellular communication).

This debris, which he describes as part of the detoxification of the damaged cells (“cellular pooping”), may be mistakenly identified as exogenous viruses such as coronavirus and may result in false positives on RT-PCR tests, which are notoriously ineffective at positively distinguishing specific strains of viruses and identifying them with any certainty. 

While this idea differs slightly from the one proposed by the study authors, they overlap in significant ways. In both explanations, 5G associated radiation induces cell changes that are identified as being caused by “COVID virus.”

Whether or not there is a de novo synthesis of coronaviruses as a result of 5G radiation exposure, or whether or not the damage to the cell produces debris containing COVID virus like nucleic acid, remains to be determined. But in both scenarios, what is perceived as a COVID illness from the outside in may in fact be the byproduct of cellular changes resulting from EMF exposure and not an exogenous viral infection, as commonly assumed. 

Dr. Andrew Kaufman has also explored this topic and discovered that what the global mainstream medical establishment and media are identifying as “COVID-19” is likely our own exosomes being secreted by either healthy or damaged cells.

I highly recommend viewing his presentation below, and you can obtain more presentations of this kind in section two of, titled, Questioning Germ Theory, Contagion and Viral Testing.

  My take on it, which I explore in the video below — “COVID-19 — is it really about a virus?” — is that exosomal processes within the body and between bodies simulate infectious processes, but rather than being simply a sign of pathology and imminent morbidity and mortality, are designed to support the collective health of a group of individuals or species, or even between species.

In this view, what is commonly understood to be infection and contagion is actually a surface misunderstanding of a process of horizontal information exchange designed to facilitate enhanced detoxification, xenohormesis and the activation of resiliency pathways within a species, and is the very origin of what is known as “herd immunity.” 

 This latest paper opens back up an important topic that has been all but suppressed and censored today, namely, that health problems associated with infections such as coronavirus involve a wide range of factors, including foremost the role of the so-called “bioterrain” of the cell in determining susceptibility to infection and illness.

Viruses do not exist in a vacuum and don’t simply attack helpless bodies. When the cellular terrain is healthy and resilient infections tend not to take hold, or even have effects that confer lasting health benefits.

Moreover, the discovery of the human microbiome (and the total set of viruses or viral-like components of the microbiome known as the human virome) reveals that classical germ theory is bankrupt, and that what we once believed were invisible viral threats “out there” are surprisingly similar, if not identical, to endogenous viral-like elements within our cells known as exosomes, and often cannot be distinguished from them.

For example, the widespread use of RT-PCR tests to identify “COVID” may simply be identifying our bodies’ own viral or exosomal contents, and thereby generating “false positives,” which justify the continual implementation of allopathic approaches that result in profound iatrogenic damage to the body, falsely described as “caused by COVID.” 

I highly recommend that those interested in understanding the true nature of viruses and their indispensable role in establishing immunological self-tolerance, homeostasis, and ultimately health, watch distinguished National Institutes of Health (NIH) speaker and virome expert Dr. Herbert Virgin’s presentation:

 Also, you can learn more about the New Biology and its impact on our understanding of infectious disease by reading: 

*Incidentally, the notion that the harms of 5G radiation extend beyond the surface of the skin, as commonly paroted by the telecom industry and its would-be regulators, and that human skin may act as a 5G radiation receiver was discussed in a paper published in 2018 titled, “The human skin as a sub-THz receiver – Does 5G pose a danger to it or not?” 

Description: Sayer Ji

Sayer Ji is founder of, a reviewer at the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine,Co-founder and CEO of Systome Biomed, Vice Chairman of the Board of the National Health Federation, Steering Committee Member of the Global Non-GMO Foundation.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

Here are links to videos that come with the article:

Koch’s Postulates – The Germ Theory Never Satisfies

by Yummy.Doctor | Jul 25, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Description: Yummy Doctor - Holistic Living - YumNaturals Emporium - Koch's Postulates

This author understands that the virus myth, akin to the germ theory myth and contagion myth have been well propagated and established in the religious-like belief systems of modern medicine. There is much false information regarding these topics that have been accepted without further question. The “science” will say Koch’s Postulates for viral contagion have been satisfied, but that is not actually the case. Healthy people are diseased? Nonsense, and is not part of the postulates which clearly states that the microorganism that is said to be creating symptoms (symptoms which are a mark of the body healing itself) should NOT be found in healthy individuals.

As I have come to understand it via deep research and study, that what we call viruses are actually bodily cell protein fragments, generally somatids or microzyma, which sprout from the red blood cell membranes, as has been well understood and studied in the pleomorphic scientific understanding and put forth via the terrain theory. Bacteria can become viruses, or morph into fungal forms depending on the triggers from the terrain or milleu of the body. They are meant to be of aid to the health situation of the body. Somatids that are created to carry DNA or RNA (covered with a capsule) are designed to repair cellular genetic material and not meant to be pathogenic. There are other cells of the body being mistaken for viruses, as many vesicles look similar in nature. For example, exosomes which help to move materials around the body, actually look identical to certain pollens and are often mistaken for “viruses”.

This is not to say that pathogenic forms cannot be created by a severely damaged terrain, for this is what happens in death! One’s own cells change format to breakdown dead tissue and recycle it. There is no difference in a state of disease where there will be dead and damaged tissue, except that there are repair factors included, as well. Modern medicine has a cause and effect problem. They seem to find organisms at the scene and they are immediately blamed for the cause of the disease when it is the precise opposite! When you make garbage, the flies are attracted to it, but they did not cause it. It would be insane to point at a pile of garbage full of flies and state “Look all this garbage the flies have made!” Of course, this is a ridiculous notion, and just as ridiculous to a practitioner like myself, well studied in the history of modern medicine and the in-fighting regarding these varying theories, when someone states they have a cold or flu or any other disease caused by a virus!

“We must look rationally at the bacterial issue. Consider the fact that many tribes ate primarily unsalted raw meat, unsalted raw fats and/or unsalted raw dairy products from the beginning. They did not wash their hands or sterilize their food before eating. Every form of natural bacteria, including salmonella, E. coli and campylobacter were eaten with their food abundantly and constantly. Why were they vibrant, healthy and disease free if microbes are the culprits?”

— Aajonus Vonderplanitz, The Recipe for Living Without Disease

When the terrain of the body is in healthy working order, which means there are ample nutritional reserves to remove wastes and repair cells, the teaming bacteria within us, (of which there are 10 times more cells of than our own cells!), operate in harmonic synergy without producing overt symptoms of release/expression. We dislike being “sick” but it’s getting “sick” which is the process of self-healing.

“Give me fever and I can cure every disease.” -Hippocrates

When we suppress the symptoms with drugs, vaccines, and other poisons, we worsen the prognoses, leading to further organ damage and reduced life span. These poisons give a “magic show” effect, which gives the illusion of health by no longer allowing the body to do the rebalancing work via release/expression. The shallow thinking is “symptoms gone equals cure given”, which is the exact opposite of how health and the body really works. This is precisely how the corrupted modern medical cult brainwashes people into thinking they are curing disease. All sleight-of-hand, make-believing themselves into false heroes when really they are two-bit magicians who embarrassingly ignore literally millions of natural remedies and holistic techniques available to us, which actually heal the body complex, since the dawn of time.

Time to shift our mind away from lies and toward real science coupled with our inner knowing alongside proper historical and physical research.

Amandha Vollmer


Amandha holds a bachelor of science in Agricultural Biotechnology from the University of Lethbridge (2000) in Alberta, Canada, and a degree of Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (2008) in Toronto. Most of her life she has taken an interest in holistic medicine: self-educating on the topic many years before her formal medical training. Amanda has assisted many people and animals to heal all kinds of acute & chronic diseases from early to end stages successfully with holistic principles since 2008. She is the proprietor of YumNaturals Emporium in Minden, Ontario, Canada where she supplies holistic solutions for detoxing and healing disease. She is a gardener & wildcrafter, creating powerful herbal blends, as well as developing and making over 150 all-natural, botanically infused body care (creams, salves, oils, etc) that are extremely effective. She is a published author of the book “Healing with DMSO”. She has been speaking publically about the false germ and contagion theories for many years, her videos on this topic can be found on her YouTube channel YumNaturals Emporium.

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