Advantages In Emotional And Spiritual Healing From Writing A Diary

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Advantages In Emotional And Spiritual Healing From Writing A Diary

People who love to write are more optimistic and satisfied whenever they write about their deepest feelings. When we consider diary writing, it’s not actually very difficult. Expressing the inner thoughts of an individual is both natural and healing.

Individuals who love diary writing connect with their unique inner expressions, experiences, behaviours, feelings, and thoughts.

You can become aware of your emotions and personal experiences by writing a diary. Writing is itself a huge topic. When writing in your diary,  it can be about goals, dreams, doodling, art, personal experiences, events, thoughts, or even put in story form. 

Journal Writing, Emotions & Spirituality

If you write a few times, taking 15 minutes each time, it is a great remedy for getting in touch with and healing emotional and spiritual wounds. I use tapping or EFT after getting in touch with my inner wounds via journaling. Writing about your past grievances and putting your conscious and subconscious  feelings into words automatically brings some change in emotions. It provides various ways to understand and release your past and current stress wounds and to plan what you want to create for the future.

Benefits Of Diary Writing

The relationship between writing, emotions and spiritual healing is not unique. It’s just like a yoga exercise for the mind and emotions. To relieve mental anxiety, you can write in your diary. Below are points that will elaborate the benefits of writing a diary. 

1. Recall The Past To Present

Emotions attached to past events can be replicated once again in an imaginary state. Neuroscientists claimed that if a person wants, he/she can recall past events, memories, locations, and taste. Writing a diary is the best practice to  recall these memories. For some people writing is a deep spiritual healing activity, which gives them comfort and overcomes anxiety. To understand the humanity and the nature of creation, writing brings the possible solution. On the one hand we think of ourselves differently. On the other side, we perceive things differently. This reflection of different thoughts and personalities can be realized or differentiated via writing.

Secondly, diary writing is the best practice to get rid of emotional blocks and hindrances. Spiritual healing does not permit you to ignore your own thoughts and beliefs but to put them in a different perspective.

2. A Fresh Mind For The Future

A clear head can craft creative ideas. If someone has a dark past, it is better to write it release it and move on. Diary writing promotes physical, emotional, and psychological release/healing. It also boosts your confidence level and creativity. 

Every individual has automatic thoughts running around his/her mind. These thoughts are not detectable unless you start writing. Once you start diary writing, automatic self-talk in your mind will become clear. Then tapping can be used to make changes.

3. Freedom Of Thoughts

Writing a diary gives you complete freedom of thought. There is no limitation of good and bad writing patterns. You are not competing with your friends, family or peers. Pure letting go and creativity are yours. This allows you to be conscious of what you process and release and what you attract into manifestation. Your imagination is limitless.

4. To Analyze State Of Emotions

Diary writing is more like conversing with yourself because you are the one who is writing and analyzing the particulars. There is no emotional anxiety or pressure associated with diary writing. Whenever you get free time, you can note down the thoughts in your mind.

5. Stress Revealing 

Diary writing is the best arsenal for an anxious person. It reduces anxiety and stress. College students often experience  more stress during their project work. If they had a practice of diary writing, there would not be too stressed to write their projects.

Writing heals the stressed mind and pent-up emotional energy. For every individual, it is very important  in today’s  world to start diary writing. We can’t ignore that technology has invaded in our lives, and it is the major reason that we disregarded diary writing. But still writing on paper has its significance whenever we will talk about an event, story, personal experience, or any myth. We have to use paper based writing.  

6. Boost Decision Making Power

it is scientifically proven that writing improves judgment and sharpens the power of decision making. The decision making power of a journal writer will be better than that of the non-writer. 

7. Self-Recognition And Self Confidence 

Research conducted by Ulster University stated that emotional intelligence is somehow dependent on recognition of self. The question arises here that, what actually recognition is? Self-recognition and confidence is a great debatable and interesting topic. The foundation of recognition occurs with the questions “W”. On a similar note writing a diary guides you to answer the “what, why, who, and where” questions. Once you recognize yourself, then the movement begins, and you start building your confidence level.

Bottom Lines

The stimulus behind every successful writer is motivation. Diary writing is something that brings internal enthusiasm, passion, and connection to literature. It is commonly observed that writers who start their careers after diary writing are more successful. They seek to write unbiased facts about any topic and understand the demands of targeted bookworms. Journal/diary writing are closely related to mindfulness.