Gridsome is a Vue.js based static site generator and the engine working behind the scenes to ensure a zippy experience. I'm also using the Ghost source plugin, which makes it super easy to pull in content from Ghost.


The designer friendly framework that powers Gridsome. Love at first byte. The current site is using the 2.x release, but I'll be upgrading to 3.x once Gridsome is ready.


Tailwind has been growing in popularity in recent months, largely thanks to how easy it makes mocking up complex layouts, with no overhead (thanks to PostCSS, which also deserves from props).


My go-to hosting platform for Jamstack sites. Super clean UI, intuitive tools and a growing ecosystem. The tight integration with Github means I can pretty much setup-and-forget.


The awesome, super minimalist blogging platform which is used to manage the sites content. The latest version is jam-packed with intuitive tools for independant content creators.


Free Ghost hosting, which is monetized via ads. We're not using Ghost for the front-end, so I figured I'd mention them here in the hopes that they get some referals.


Forms on the Jamstack can be tricky (unless you're using Netlify), but Pageclip makes it easy (and free for 100 responses a month).


All the static images used across the sites pages are optimised by, a free service by Tommaso


Most of the header images used on this site come from, which hosts a huge library of high quality images for free.


That's me. For being a good son and creating this site.