Alternative treatments For Cancer -  Part 2 - Alternative treatments

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Alternative treatments For Cancer - Part 2 - Alternative treatments

Alternative treatments for cancer (or any other disease for that matter a very wide variety of options and approaches. The bellow are lists of just some of the leading or most successful treatments.

Nutritional supplements is one large body of alternative treatments which includes:

Alpha lipoic acid:

A powerful antioxidant which regulates gene expression.


Lycopenes etc, are antioxidants that, inhibit cellular proliferation and protect against malignancies.


Enhances immune function and increases white blood cells and NK cell activity.

Coenzyme Q10:

Improves cellular oxygenation in all cancers.

From a treatment and prevention point of view, this is what we want and need.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid:

Inhibits tumour formation.

Essential Fatty Acids:

Inhibit COX-2 enzyme, regulate cell division, inhibit adhesion, prevent cachexia, suppress inflammation which is a key part of the destructive cancer process.

Hempseed and flaxseed and clean fish oil are examples of excellent sources of these EFAs.


Inhibits a number of malignancies, and boosts the immune system.


Increases natural killer (NK) cell activity and inhibits tumour growth, stabilises weight loss and reduces (secondary) infections.

Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP 6):

Activates NK cells, is an immune modulator and has demonstrated anti-cancer properties.


Immunoregulatory in action, this substance comes from whey and inhibits angiogenesis.


Immune modulator that increases the survival time associated with most cancer conditions.


A long term immuno-regulator.

Modified citrus pectin:

Retards cancer growth and metastasis.


Anti-carcinogenic in action, this substance inhibits invasion/metastasis of malignant cells and is a known anti-mutagenic.

Cyclo-oxygenase (COX-2) Inhibitors:

COX-2 is an enzyme intricately involved in the cancer inflammatory process.

Some herbs that inhibit COX-2 and do not involve the beneficial COX-1 enzyme include berberine-goldenseal, barberry, goldthread and Oregon grape root.

Other beneficial herbs include feverfew, ginger, green tea & curcumin all of which are also anti-inflammatory.


Reduces inflammation and cancer at all stages.


From milk thistle, this substance is an anti-oxidant, arresting the growth of cancer in many cases and inhibiting COX-2 enzyme while regulating the systems of the body, and suppressing NF-kB.

However this substance is believed to increase sensitivity to some chemo-therapy treatments.

Mushroom extracts:

The extracts of various mushroom types, including maitake, shitake; reishi and others, are immune-boosting, with anti-tumour properties.

Grapeseed extract:

Kills all cancer cells, at least in vitro. Studies are planned or underway to investigate grapeseed extract’s actions in human patients.

Black cumin seed oil:

This substance has many anti-cancer properties and has been used for centuries by herbalists for a wide range of disease conditions.

Kelp plus ecklonia, Cava plus sea vegetables:

All these substances are mineral-rich, have many healing properties and help recovery from radiation damage.


Protective against many kinds of cancers. Promotes apoptosis-programmed cell-death of cancer. A powerful anti-oxidant, it helps improve quality of life during aggressive cancer therapy.

Magnesium, zinc & germanium:

All vital minerals, these substances are necessary for the proper functioning of the body and there is a known relationship between any of them being deficient and the emergence of cancer.

They are sufficiently important and interesting to be worthy of an entire article on their own.

Raw thymus extract:

Improves T-cell response and regulates the activity of cytokines.

Vitamin A:

Offers protection against radiation-induced tissue damage and helps all or many aspects of cancer control.

Vitamin C:

Has an effect on cancer much like chemo-therpay, according to some sources. Injectable Vit C is the preferred and strongest method of administration.

This substance has repeatedly been claimed to retards or stop tumour growth, though there has been come contention around this idea.

It is, however, non-toxic and its use, perhaps through indirect support of the entire body’s improved functioning, causes tumour regression along with tumour cell haemorrhage and death (read Cancer and Vitamin C by Drs Cameron and Linus Pauling. Cancer by M Rath, which explains the use of C+Lysine, proline and natural enzyme blocking.)

Vitamin D:

Helps prevent and deal with cancer.

Vitamin E:

A powerful anti-oxidant, Vit E reducess radiation damage, potentiates chemo-therapy and on its own inhibits cancers.

Vitamin K:

Decreases inflammation and promotes apoptosis.

Co-enzyme A:

This substance is associated with the repair of RNA and DNA and improves detoxification of the body.


Boosts immune system.


DMG promotes oxygen utilisation.

Shark cartilage:

Said to inhibit/reverse cancer.

Shark liver oil:

Claimed to inhibit cancer.

Whey protein:

A powerful anti-oxidant that protects the system and disarms cancer cells to some extent.


Show anti-cancer properties.