Alternative Treatments For Cancer -  Part 3 - Alternative Protocols

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Alternative Treatments For Cancer - Part 3 - Alternative Protocols

Aside from differing treatment substances, there are numerous treatment protocols, which in plain language means there are many ways to approach the issue of cancer having been diagnosed as being present in particular person as a disease condition.

Below I will provide the name of the protocol and a literature reference in many cases. Space does not here allow me to go into any detail or case histories.

Caesuim chloride and DMSO. Developed by Dr K Brewer. Read Cancer Diagnosed by Prof W Serfontein.

Bill Henderson/Budwig Protocol. Read Cancer Free by B Henderson.

The Brandt Grape Cure. (Read the book of the same name by Johanna Brandt.)

Laetrile. Read Vitamin B17 – the forbidden weapon against cancer by M Culbert.

Carrier molecule potentiation therapies. This approach is based on the fact that certain chemicals can be used to carry chemo- or other cancer-fighters selectively into cancer cells.

It requires 10% of the normal dose of the drug meaning less side effects and more potent treatment.

A) Insulin potentiation therapy. This approach is designed to cut off the food supply for sugar-hungry cancer cells. (Read Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy by Drs R A Hauser and M A Hauser.)

B) DMSO-dimethylsulfoxide. Another carrier molecule with an affinity for cancer cells.

C) Singlet Oxygen Protocol. Dr Darrell Wolfe and W Kehr developed this approach. (Read Dr T Bollinger’s Cancer: Step Outside the Box.)

Various oxygen treatments using hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorite, chlorine dioxide orally, or ozone. Intravenous administration seems to work the best.

(Read Oxygen Therapies by Ed McNabe, The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer by Dr Otto Warburg and the Use of Ozone in Medicine by Viebahn-Haensler.)

Dr Max Gerson Therapy. Dr Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Prize winner, said: ‘I see in Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history.’ There are many books written about and by Gerson and his therapy.

The Kelly Metabolic Protocol. Focus is on pancreatic enzymes and herbs.

(Read any of Kelly’s many books, especially Cancer the Incurable, Without Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation.)

Bob Beck Electrotreatment. (See

Bob Barefoot. Read The Calcium Factor by R Barefoot and C Reich

Rife Machine. Read The Cancer Cure That Worked by Barry Lynes. And visit

Robert Young. The pH Miracle. This book explains much of the theory behind pH, acidity, oxygenation and cancer.

Herbal Therapy. Nature has placed several cancer-zapping herbs in every continent. Sir Jason Winters wrote about many of them.

Many books are written on hundreds of cancer healing herbs, from the Hoxey Formula, Cats claw to Essiac.

Dr Burzynski’s Antineoplastins. This is centred on gene manipulation to cause tumours to shrink and die. (See Youtube under Dr Burzynski with many clips/movies.)

Dr Tullio Simoncini, an oncologist in Rome, has developed his own cancer treatment protocol. Read Cancer is a Fungus. This represents something of a revolution in the therapy of tumours.

His treatments use bicarbonate of soda administered into the tumour itself. It is a straight-forward simple treatment based on the idea that cancer cells flourish in acidic environments and die in alkaline conditions, such as are caused by bicarbonate of soda.

Cancer detoxification often uses coffee enemas, colonics, saunas and many other forms of detoxification mentioned in the above protocols.

Alternative therapies are based on the understanding that a truly healthy system is less vulnerable to cancer than a toxic one.

Cancer develops as a result of a toxic and mucoid/acidic buildup plus an immune imbalance and lowered oxygen levels available to cells, along with nutrient deficiencies and systemic malfunctions.

Many alternate protocols have evolved that aim to treat the individual case, not poison it further, and include body, mind, emotions and spirit/soul.