Alternative Treatments For Cancer -  Part 4 - Suggested Strategy

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Alternative Treatments For Cancer - Part 4 - Suggested Strategy

Since there are many disease conditions which travel under the banner of ‘cancer’, each condition and each person with such a condition needs to be assessed individually (although allopathic treatment is almost always based on pre-conceived protocols usually involving chemo-therapy, radiation and/or surgery, more or less regardless of individual conditions pertaining to the patient under treatment).

If cancer is individual in some regards, when it comes to each individual suffering from some form of cancer, is should be approached with open eyes and as much information of as possible.

What follows is a suggested course of action, should you or someone close to you be close to you be facing cancer, but it is only a suggestion.

  1. Research and decide which approach you want to take.
  2. Build your own professional team. Surround yourself with support.
  3. Start with and maintain a positive mental attitude. Work with a health coach. Use NLP, hypnosis, visualisation, EFT and tapping. Mental and emotional detoxification are essential. Ask: ‘Why me now? What is the purpose of this illness? What can I learn from it?’ Love and gratitude need to shine in your heart more than ever now. There is no time to play victim when you have cancer. Dynamic action is called for. Ask yourself to honestly answer this question too: ‘Do I want to live?’
  4. Change your lifestyle. Align with nature. Remember the ‘magnificent 7’: Eat right, drink right, sleep right, poop right, think right, talk right and exercise/move right.
  5. Detox and avoid further exposure to carcinogens as much as possible.
  6. Work out a supplement program suited to your body.
  7. Strengthen your immune system.
  8. Stop cancer from spreading and kill it.
  9. Remove growths with surgery where-ever possible and reasonable to do so.
  10. Decrease intercellular acidity and increase oxygenation.
  11. Correct omega 3 and 6 ratios in your body.
  12. Correct glucose and insulin metabolism. The key here is: ‘No more sugar or you grow more cancer.’
  13. Reverse cachexia/wasting with yoga, tai chi, qi gong and other gentle exercises.
  14. Monitor progress regularly and change strategy accordingly.There are many other stratagems to be employed, or variations on those offered above. However, beyond all things, you must accept yourself as part of the natural world in which life and its inevitable accompaniment, death, are part and parcel of the same greater process.

    Therefore at all times, with or without cancer or any other disease, you should strive to nurture an attitude of positivity and gratitude.

    I would say: ‘May there be light and love on your journey, no matter what your condition.’

    You could turn that around to something like, ‘May there always be light and love on my journey, no matter what seems to be happening.’

    In this way, you will be ready to meet whatever life brings to you, including a disease which may be the means by which you leave this life – but you will do so with the maximum amount peace, contentment and happiness for the only power we have that, ultimately, we control lies in our reaction to things, and not in trying to control all the things that happens to us on life’s sometimes rough, frequently surprising journey.