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As with all ailments there may be physical, mental and emotional causes. Look at at the problem from a holistic perspective. I check  out all problems just on the physical level by finding out how at least 30 different physical factors are working for or against the individual. Very often the person who suffers from chronic anxiety is an overmethylator and the person may have in addition MTHFR  as a genetic SNP. There could also be massive stress in the persons life even if MTHFR or methylation are not factors. On a physical level I will always look very carefully at Gut Health and Methylation with every condition. Most of the time one or both are factors. Nevertheless there are basic supplements and herbs that will always be of assistance. Once again I suggest that the individual is screened to make sure that these are appropriate for the individual.


Vitamin B complex suited to the individual. Check individual B vitamin status throughly. B vitamins are vital for proper nerve function.

Omega 3 Fish oil. 1000–5000 mg per day. For proper brain function.                          Calcium Glycinate. 500—2000 mg. Natural tranquilizer.                                                        Magnesium Glycinate. 500—3000 mg. Helps with muscle tension, spasms and tics.        Vitamin C. 2000–10000 mg depending on needs and considering bowel tolerance. Calming. Helps with stress and anxiety. Feeds stressed out adrenal glands.               Vitamin E complex as well as tocotrienol complex. Taking commercial synthetic fragments of E can do more harm than good. Helps oxygen transport to the brain and cells and quenches free radicals.                                                                                                 Zinc Picolinate. 60 mg. Has a calming effect on the nervous system.                                   Iron. Too much or too little iron can be a factor.                                                                     Vitamin D. 1000–5000 iu. Can make a huge difference in certain people.                         Potassium. Essential for the adrenals. Depends on the individual.                                     Selenium. Vital for the heart and the thyroid.                                                                            SAMe.Useful for anxiety and depression in certain body types.                                          Chromium Picolinate and L-Glutamine if there is blood sugar disturbance.                    DLPA. Helps certain people and hinders others.                                                                      L-Tyrosine. Anxiety and depression.                                                                                          L-Glycine. Necessary for nervous system function.                                                                 L-Theanine. The calming principle found in green tea.                                                        Taurine and GABA. Both help to calm anxiety, tension and depression.                            Melatonin. For insomnia and generally helps the entire system.                                       Herbs. There are large numbers of herbs and essential oils that calm the nervous system. The most well known are valerian, hops, passion flower, kava kava, chamomile, rhodiola, gotu kola, scullcap, wood betony, and catnip. These can be used as teas, extracts (the strongest form), tinctures and come in capsules. Lavender essential oil is an inexpensive standby as is Bach Rescue Remedy. There are many homeopathic remedies which are best chosen to suit the individual.

Avoid:                                                                                                                                                Alcohol.                                                                                                                                              Caffeine and other stimulents like aspartame and MSG.                                                         Sugar. Comfort eating always helps for a while and then you come crashing down.     Refined carbohydrates. Refined oils– sunflower, canola, heated cooking oils.                 Allergens. Specifics for each person must be pinpointed and avoided.                             Stress and stressful situations should be avoided if possible. This includes getting into fights and arguments or living at full throttle. No stressful movies or stories please.

Lifestyle:                                                                                                                                           Regular gentle exercise like yoga, tai chi, qi gong or walks in nature.                               Practice deep breathing techniques. Massage and other relaxing treatments are helpful. Pet a cat. Prayer and meditation are very effective. There are hosts of other relaxing things that you can do. Do them daily. Get support. Be with friends and family who are actually calming to you. Avoid those who are not.                                      Do EFT/Tapping with affirmations that are designed for your situation.                          Paint/Draw/Sing/Listen/Dance/ Drum or make music.