Weight Challenge.Number 2.

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Weight Challenge.Number 2.

Your Choice:

Do you need to lose weight?

Do you want to keep your weight steady as it is?

You have a decision to make. Do you want to chase after fad diets or do you think it is time to choose a lifestyle that suits your body, your metabolism. As we age we tend to eat the way and amount that we always did. How is that working for you? Reality is that you are being shown by your body what it can handle now if you want to control your weight and be healthy. Staying in your comfort zone of poor eating, overeating, being overweight, slowly gaining weight or not exercising is never going to work for you. Daily your denial illusion will grow or you may pretend that you do not care, but that will that leave you happy? Sooner or later someone will make an innocent or catty remark and your bubble will burst, leaving you in tears.

I am not here to ask you to start another diet. You have perhaps made that misguided choice many times. Nor am I telling you forget dieting. Those are just sales pitches. We all have to eat, whatever that consists of. That is your diet. What you eat does become the million dollar question. In the face of all this people just keep putting weight on slowly or quickly and it gets harder to control each year. Your decision is whether you will stop conning yourself that there is some new diet out there that will work magic and remove all effort on your part. If you like punishing yourself you wonder if a new exercise boot camp will work and you will burn all the excess calories you eat and the fat off your hips. All those slimming products tempt you from the shelves promising quick weight loss. It is time to decide if you want to continue fooling yourself or get real. We are going to be doing some in depth work here during the next two months. Get ready, this is it. Put the decision behind you as fast as possible. I am offering you free health coaching. Let us get started.

Step one: Write out on some paper what you want as far as your body weight goes. It does not matter whether you hate your body or not. Make a decision. Write down your specific goals in terms of weight, measurements and fitness. You will learn to love and accept yourself as we go along– I promise you that.