Weight Loss Challenge.Number 5.

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Weight Loss Challenge.Number 5.

Out of Confusion and into the Light.

It is not surprising that there is so much confusion around food and eating. Eating is how we fuel and nourish ourselves. Eating is also for pleasure and socializing. That’s not complicated, but the food industry has programmed and brainwashed us with advertising our entire lives. The adverts link their brand of food or drink to happiness, being cool, losing weight, becoming healthier and many other mindsets. If the advert appeals to you, you are hooked. Every time you want to feel happy, healthy or whatever, you reach for that particular food or drink. This can really lead you astray. You could end up eating all kinds of junk while your programmed mind is telling you that it is making you lose weight, feel healthy and happy. This does not really address the issue of the quality of the food. The food industry takes food and processes it, adds all of sorts of dangerous chemicals to it, packages it in toxic containers and sends it vast distances before it reaches your local store. Then you may cook or process it or heat it in ways that are not very health promoting. Along comes the nutritional adviser. For a very long time the food industry has controlled the teaching of nutrition and forced it support their unhealthy foods. So many people seeking advise have been steered in the wrong direction by false information. For decades there has been the myth about low fat high carb eating. Everyone has had exposure to that brainwashing. Today we know that the opposite is true. Especially regarding weight control and good health, high (healthy) fats and low carbs are the way to go. The facts and figures show that high carb and low fat eating has largely contributed to the overweight epidemic in today’s world.                                                           Another dimension of the confusion has been caused by all the books and programs for weight loss in the world. Most of them are a mixture of facts and nonsense. How does the man or woman in the street know which is which. On top of all of this information is the fact that each of us is a unique individual. This applies to body, mind and emotions. A program that anyone has built to help with weight loss does not take this fact into consideration. Here are a few of those factors:                                                         1.Food intolerances and allergies. This is a complicated story, yet it applies to all of us. Because of our genes and other influences, we all have a different set of foods that cause inflammation and reactions. These foods must be avoided most of the time or the body pays a high price for indulging in them, including weight gain.                                                                2. Problems with various fat hormones. When these are imbalanced we tend to put on weight no matter what we do. Here are some of the main players: insulin; glucagon; leptin; ghrelin; growth hormone; adiponectin; cck; epinephrine; cortisol; norepinephrine and serotonin. These have to be fixed and controlled in daily living.                                                                             3.Sugar. Apart from the obvious sugar addiction, there are people who put on weight from any sugar intake. Often this in due to genes that will not back down if you eat sugar.                                                                                              4. A toxic system. If toxic your body may just store toxins in fatty tissue. Serious detoxification may be needed. In today’s world the liver and the lymph system are often blocked.                                                                                   5. Accumulated pesticides, plastics and many other environmental poisons are the cause of gaining weight. Some people are being forced by their bodies to get rid of the poisons before weight loss can be achieved. Others only do well on organic non GMO foods.                                                                     6. Hormone imbalance in men and women can cause weight gain. Thyroid, adrenals and sex hormones can be upset by endocrine disruptors and other offenders.                                                                                                                              7.Methylation, glycation, sulphation and glutathione and other phase 1 detoxification systems may be faulty. This leads to weight gain.                       8. Individual mental and emotional factors may stand in the way of losing weight. These have to be dealt with or you could never get started or spend your life gaining and losing weight in endless cycles. This particularly applies to emotional eating disorders. First the image disorder or the repressed emotions need to be handled before any meaningful weight control can be achieved.                                                                                                   Are you writing in a daily journal yet?                                                                         Are you committed to this challenge?                                                                         Do not give up! Ease into this slowly but surely. Be patient. Be strong.