Weight Loss Challenge.Number 3

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Weight Loss Challenge.Number 3

I am presenting you with a weight loss or weight control challenge over a 2-6 month period. Presuming that you have decided to ‘Go For It’, let us explore what is involved. Each of you will have different needs. You may not need to lose weight, but you certainly do not want to gain any more weight. Some of you may be able to splash out at parties and celebration picnics or dinners,  go to one or two parties and get away with a few drinks without any weight gain, while others will experience immediate weight gain if they do so. No matter what time of year it is, it is time to take control over what we put into our bodies and rev up our personal self care.

Others who are very overweight, diabetic, have heart or blood pressure problems, auto immune problems or have had cancer could be in actual danger indulging at all. Every year between Christmas and New Year I get urgent calls from people who have really become ill from overindulging. If your body is intolerant to gluten, dairy, sugar or the Glyphosate in Roundup, then try and tell it to forget about that while you go and eat all the injurious foods and drinks. Chances are good that you may get ill. Add to that a lot of alcohol and parties and other forms of stress and you can end up in the emergency room of a hospital. When you indulge, your digestive system might be overcome and that results in more stress being placed on your detoxification system and liver. If your detox system can’t cope you develop another set of symptoms. This happens with alcohol for example. If you are fine with one or two drinks, you will get to the point where your liver cannot handle the wave of sugar and alcohol and you become drunk and/or feel nausea. Indulgence results in negative emotions as happens in a later stage of intoxication. Overdoing it can result in a double hit- body problems and an unhappy mind(rages and depression and mood swings). We have all seen that in the drunk person. At first it is all laughs and fun as they start drinking, but at a certain point that changes as they become very down and emotional.

Single or lonely people often indulge in their drugs of choice over the holidays, their birthdays or various anniversaries. This leads to greater unhappiness in general. All the holiday movies are often about family reunions, people falling in love or something positive. This impacts on depressed people. In some families or circles of friends the holiday get together can result in the same old fights and meanness that always appear when everyone gets together. This also results in sensitive people trying to numb themselves with food and drink while they endure the discomfort inherent in the group/family or circle of friends. Even if you are shy, the holidays can stress you out because you are more or less forced to socialize. This can really take you out of your comfort zone. It is kind of crazy what we do in the name of celebration.

 Why do we end up eating and drinking more over the Christmas season? Many people who are not even Christians end up eating the same way and drinking more alcohol over this time period. Yes I know that some other religions are also celebrating at this time, but most people are so worried about being left out of something special, that they join in with the eat, drink and be merry consciousness. Every day of life is special. Every day is a good day to be loving and kind. Every day is a good opportunity to spread peace and good will. What about all those who feel left out and lonely at this time of year. Those people are certainly a part of my challenge. How about eating healthy food this next two months. How about drinking enough water daily this next few weeks. I dare you to write down everything you eat and drink during this time period. That means taking your power back from your habitual self ( no judgement allowed when you perhaps slip up, just an accurate impartial recording). When emotions come up that are negative, simply write them down and do EFT/Tapping once you have put them in your journal( to find out how to do EFT go to Gary Craigs website emofree.com and you will find charts and simple how to do EFT instructions). You can buy a fancy journal to write in  for the journey or a 100 page examination pad will also  be fine.                                      During these troubled times many people eat and drink in response to one kind of trauma or another. Some have lost their jobs. Others have lost all their money or income. Some have extreme stress due to political situations or relationship breakdowns. Any kind of stress can trigger eating or drinking binges. Trauma from the past can leave some people very stressed and they may spend years or the rest of their lives battling with overeating or a drinking or drug problem as a result of their history.

Basics to get you started whether you want to heal your emotions, lose weight, or go on a personal health program:                                                                                              

1/ Daily Journal writing.                                                                                                

2/ Drink at least 2 liters of water daily.                                                                      

3/Get 8 hours of sleep every day.                                                                                  

4/Do EFT/Tapping as often as possible during the day, when waiting for a traffic light to change, when any opportunity arises, while watching TV or a movie, while reading writing or working, or whenever possible.                  

5/Go for a 20 minutes walk/cardio exercise or do yoga, tai chi, qi gong, gym, weights, swim, cycle or some exercise daily.                                                                            

More about these to follow. Keep track of all the above activities in your journal every day without fail.               

If the above list seems too much for you, start with one or two of the basics and as soon as you feel ready add in another or the rest of them.

To really get in touch with your feelings, write them down each morning, no matter what they are, soon after waking. If you are at a loss as to what to write, write about your dreams or intentions or goals. Always end up writing about what you are grateful for. Can you see? Can you walk? Do you have food and a roof over your head. Write on paper what you can do  instead of overeating or starving yourself, drinking, drugging or some form of dissociating that you have become addicted to while struggling with your inner demons.                              What does your health require? You have the freedom to do what you need to do. Let others do what they need to do. Let your new tradition be to follow your heart and your bliss, what feels right from now on. Wisdom may put you on the spot health wise especially if you are burnt out from a tough time. Rushing about might be the last thing you need to do or it might be a priority. Do you have the guts and the personal power to decide to do what you want and need over the next few months. Weight gain and weight loss are one subject. Knowing which you want to achieve is also straight forward. The tricky part is our minds, attitudes and emotions. We are all seeped in tradition, brainwashing and self sacrifice. That is where the problem lies. This is not the time for hard core restricted eating and a punishing exercise program. Can you overcome the feelings that you are being left out of life if you do not join those eating loads of sugar, cakes,bread, cookies, sweets, cooldrinks and consuming lots of alcohol. Let this be a time of balance for you. Stay with me as I share all sorts of health tricks and emotional break free tricks here over the next few weeks. Let our primary goal be to Love Ourselves and Love Others. The second goal would be not to harm ourselves, because that is what a lot of people do when they are faced with challenges and problems. Let us renew our minds and emotions during this time period and create new healthy habits in our lives.