Daily Inspiration.

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Daily Inspiration.

The technocrats that want to rule the world have called for a great reset. This reset involves total control of every citizen. In response to this we can just let them take over and rule us. This loss of freedom could destroy us. Action on our part is going to be needed. As a first step, we need to be clear that we have our own lives, aims and objectives.

In previous blogs I have explained how to do EFT/Tapping. Each morning while you drink your tea or coffee, read through the affirmations that are here and tap through the EFT points. Write them out on paper or on little stick on messages that you can post around your living space. Saying them aloud is even more powerful than silent repetition. Go through the list as often as possible. Use the affirmations during work breaks. Create a positive life with magnificent goals and expectations. See them manifesting. Feel them coming into being. You are the power and direction in your own life. Take your life back from your own fears and negative expectations. Break the negative matrix.

2021 is my year for unlimited health, happiness and prosperity!

2021 is my year to release the past, move boldly forward, and shine!

2021 is the year I am transforming my life!

2021 is the year I commit myself to the daily pursuit of my dreams.

2021 is the year that I accept 100% responsibility for everything in my life.

2021 is the year that I accept that all things are possible with intention and belief.

2021 is the year that I allow myself to receive all the abundance the world has to offer.

2021 is the year that I focus my thoughts, emotions and actions on what I most want to achieve.

2021 is the year that I redefine my life by redefining my beliefs.

2021 is the year that I turn my life around, once and for all.

Absolutely nothing can stop me from reaching my goals this coming year!

All my thoughts for the coming new year are positive and inspiring.

All of my 2021 goals are supported with affirmations and action plans.

Each new day of the coming year promises to bring more joy into my life.

Every action I take this coming year, guarantees that my goals will become reality.

Every day in the coming year, I develop new, positive habits that support my goals.

Every day of 2021 , I am more and more motivated to work on creating my dreams.

Every day of 2021 , I clearly visualize the wealth and abundance I desire in my life.

Every day of 2021 , I ensure that I work on my top priorities.

Every day of 2021 , I spend time improving my life and my world.

Every day of 2021 , I take time out for reflection and meditation.

Every day of 2021 , my body is filled with incredible energy and well-being.

Every morning of 2021 , I jump out of bed and greet the day with positive expectancy.

From day one, 2021 is the year that I focus all my energy and will on what I want from life.

I am 100% determined to reach my 2021 goals.