Daily Inspiration.

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Daily Inspiration.

In previous blogs I have explained how to do EFT/Tapping. Each morning while you drink your tea or coffee, read through the affirmations that are here and tap through the EFT points. Write them out on paper or on little stick on messages that you can post around your living space. Saying them aloud is even more powerful than silent repetition. Go through the list as often as possible. Use the affirmations during work breaks. Create a positive life with magnificent goals and expectations. See them manifesting. Feel them coming into being. You are the power and direction in your own life. Take your life back from your own fears and negative expectations. Break the negative matrix. Do not let fear or any negative emotion reside in your heart. Tap inspirational messages into your subconscious mind:

No matter how crazy it gets in the world, I continue to grow and expand.

I am effortlessly moving towards my 2021 goals.

I am totally committed to making 2021 my best year ever.

I am totally committed to realizing my goals this coming year.

I am willing to do whatever it takes to make 2021 the best year yet

I can clearly see myself living my dream in 2021.

I can easily envision myself being happy and successful in 2021 .

I dedicate at least ten minutes of every day in 2021 to improving my health and fitness.

I dedicate every evening of 2021 to showing gratitude for all the wonderful things in my life.

I dedicate every morning of 2021 to reviewing my goals and planning my day.

I have already started making plans to ensure that 2021 is my best year ever.

I have created a 2021 vision board, with all my goals and dreams visually represented.

I have created a schedule for the coming year, and know that I my goals will be realized.

I have created affirmations for 2021 that will help me to create my desired future.

I have created daily process goals for 2021, and can’t wait to get started.

I have created empowering affirmations for 2021 that I promise to use every day.

I have unshakable determination and willpower to make 2021 my most successful year ever.

I know beyond all doubt that 2021 is going to be the greatest year of my life!

I know exactly what I want to achieve this coming year, and have a detailed plan to guide me.

I know that this coming year will be great because I am totally committed to making it so.

I love who I am, and equally love the new me I am creating for 2021.

I plan to do at least one thing every day of this coming year that will move me closer to my goals.

In 2021 I accomplish everything that I set out to do.

In 2021 I affirm my life every day, in order to create the future I desire.

In 2021 I make time to do the things I need and want to do.

In 2021 I promise to make the most out of every minute in every day.

My 2021 calendar already contains the goals I want to achieve and when.

My 2021 diary holds all my written goals with logged completion dates.

My positive attitude promises a coming year of great happiness and success.

Nothing can deter me from making 2021 the best year of my life.

Nothing can stop me from realizing my 2021 goals.

This coming new year, I make my dreams my highest priority.

This coming new year is the year I make my dreams come true!

This coming year is my year for personal transformation and empowerment.

This coming year, I promise to do everything it takes to realize my dreams.

This New Year is the year I turn my life around and become the person I dream to be.

This year I am turning my New Year’s resolutions into written goals with action plans.

Today I make a promise to myself that 2021 is the year I live life to its fullest!

Today I promise that I will spend time each and every day of 2021 improving my life.