Daily Supplements I Use.

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Daily Supplements I Use.

MAGNESIUM has to be one of my all-time favorite minerals because it has beneficial effects all over the body. Think of it as your chill pill because it makes you relax from your head to toes. Magnesium is important for a good mood, first and foremost, but most people don’t realize it’s also necessary for stabilizing blood pressure. You need it to keep your heart beating in perfect rhythm and to keep your pancreas functioning optimally. Deficiencies of magnesium can lead to cardiac and blood sugar issues.
I’ve written extensively on magnesium and its benefits for the human body. These are just one or two examples of the benefits of magnesium supplements. There are various kinds of magnesium as well as spray on magnesium. It is deficient in most people.

Too little iodine can be catastrophic to the breasts, thyroid gland, and immune system. Iodine is also needed for fertility, so it is essential in pregnancy. You need iodine to make thyroid hormone. So it makes sense that iodine deficiency has been implicated in Hashimoto’s disease, fibrocystic breast disease, breast cancer, prostate cancer, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, brain fog and chronic fatigue, diabetes, heart arrhythmias, and the inability to detoxify the body following exposure to mercury, fluoride, and bromide. Since I do not eat fish, I take 6 drops of Lugols iodine daily and it does wonders for me. There are many other uses for this mineral.


These essential nutrient elements are beneficial as an antioxidant and in increasing thyroid and adrenal functioning. It also plays a role in your immune system’s functioning. It appears to have some benefit as a way of detoxifying your body of mercury that other essential nutrient elements do not have.

Signs of too little selenium:

  • Decline in cognitive function
  • Anemia
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Impaired immune system functioning and glutathione detox pathway.
  • Increased fatigue and weakness (via thyroid)


Even mild deficits in selenium can lead to an imbalance in thyroid hormones, which may begin a cascade of imbalances in other hormones. Adrenal glands and reproductive systems can be affected by this hormonal imbalance.

Excessive Selenium can put the thyroid gland on overdrive. It is often suggested as a nutritional supplements for those with symptoms consistent with low thyroid function. Very high doses 3000mcg daily have been reported to stop HIV/AIDS.

Probiotics, high quality fish or krill oil, Vitamin C and B vitamins suitable for my/the individuals body

These seven supplements have made a great impact on my health.