Weight Loss Challenge. Number 1

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Weight Loss Challenge. Number 1

 Temptation and Your Weight:

Every year this time we are all exposed to temptation in the form of food and drink due to one or another social event. If you are overweight or tend to put weight on easily, then read this very carefully. Why be silly in the first place? It is ten times more difficult to lose weight than to gain weight. All the internal guilty self talk that starts up after you indulge is such a waste of energy. Thoughts like “why me?-oh here I go putting on weight again!-I hate the way I put on weight so easily!-I just want to join in on the fun and celebrations!-I will join to the gym or some class tomorrow and lose some weight!-maybe I will not gain weight this time(big delusion that one)-I will try that new diet or pill I saw in the chemist!” and many more such silly stories. This article is not going to go into the subject in depth. Just watch this space for the upcoming few weeks. More will follow.

Here is the challenge. How about making it your goal to lose weight during the next 6 weeks? That is the challenge that I am making to you. Trying not to put on weight is not strong enough. You will probably slip and down the slippery slipway you will go. Come out of the challenge feeling satisfied with your efforts to stay radiantly healthy instead. You can do it. I am going to try and inspire you. Every day I get desperate calls from clients who are really ill because of their  eating and partying. Instead of me telling you what to take to fix your liver or headaches, how about cleaning your liver and your body instead of remedying the abuse. If you think the challenge is just too big and the temptation too strong, I am going to try and counter that. Anyone can do this and that includes YOU.

If you are not a coaching client of mine then there are certain warnings. Do not take on a massive purge (not that I am suggesting that anyway) without having had a word with some practitioner about your current state if you have complicated problems. The information I will be giving is inspirational and educational. A person with blood pressure or heart problems must be considered in that light and not suddenly shock a system that is already battling. Stopping the assault of body with food and drink can be a shock to the system if it is used to being beaten up daily by a knife and fork. Let us work together slowly and surely coming from a place of inspiration. Tell your friends about this challenge. They are all welcome on this journey together.

Step One. Are you up for the challenge. I truly hope so. Also friend me on facebook to get loads of education that I post on a daily basis. Be responsible for your health this holiday season instead of your worst enemy! You can do it !