Fight to Win — Part 3

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Fight to Win — Part 3

I have followed Gary for many years now. He is very inspiring. His courses are great and well worth doing. What he writes here is inspiring on many levels. It could be seen only as a advert for his 100 Day Challenge, or as timely words to mankind relating to the dilemma we find ourselves in. As a coach, I find he always has valid sound advice to give to us.

Good Must Triumph Over Evil

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything to stop them.” — Albert Einstein

When looking at the most recent events, it’s best to apply Occam’s Razor.

That is, the simplest and most straightforward explanation is most likely the correct one.

And when it comes to Covid, Masks, Vaccinations, Open Borders, School Closings, Business Shutdowns, Censorship, Cancel Culture and more…

Occam’s razor would lead us to believe that we are in the fight of our lives — a battle between good and evil — a war that we cannot afford to ignore nor lose.

In part one of this series…we discussed how battles are not won by defensive tactics and why winning requires the deployment of a strong offense.

In part two, you learned how to implement the world’s best offensive strategy for overwhelming your enemy…and why you must make it a permanent part of your behavior.

Today, you’re going to be reminded that good must conquer evil and how becoming your own hero is the only way to achieve that outcome.


Let’s get something straight right out of the gate…

You exist to win, create, construct, contribute, exceed expectations, pursue happiness and to inspire excellence.

You were born to rise to great challenges, face your fears, unleash your greatness…and to become as courageous as a mighty Lion.

You were not created to wear a mask, stay at home, live in fear, stick your head in the sand and obey stupid mandates.

Everything that is going on right now is intentionally designed to make you fat, lazy, physically and mentally weak, depressed, ignorant, scared and reliant upon the government for chump change.

Big tech, your elected officials and their dark masters see you as a necessary evil…they don’t give a rats ass about you, your business, nor your health.

They serve themselves, they engage in institutional corruption…and they care only about advancing their own agenda.

They hate strong-willed, educated citizens who refuse to believe the steaming piles of bullshit they are constantly serving up.

That’s why we are going to spend the remainder of this message focused on turning you into a hero…and your life into an action movie.


We live our lives using just three character roles…victim, villain and hero.

The world’s most popular emotional plot in movies and real life is the well-known Good versus Evil.

Go back as far as you want to the first written or spoken words…and you’ll detect this plot carefully recorded and repeated throughout the history of mankind.

The struggle between good and evil is the underlying theme of any drama…and make no mistake about it, this drama is what our emotional self lives for and is willing to die for.

The negative element is part and parcel of Goodness Triumphs Over Evil.

Hate, fear, envy, jealousy, racism and destruction are not the exclusive domain of movie directors.

They take their toll in broken marriages, criminal acts, terrorism and workplace conflict.

The negative energy of this ancient theatrical school for our emotions fills our courtrooms, boardrooms, classrooms and living rooms…

And it drives people to therapy sessions, drinking, drugs, suicide, and other forms of self-destruction.

The script of Good versus Evil features three starring roles…

The evil villain who abuses the victim…the innocent victim who is saved by the noble hero…and the noble hero who defeats the evil villain.

Whether we realize it or not, every person’s emotions are always auditioning for one of these three roles.


Here are some of the feelings the victim role allows people to access and put on full display.

Grief, powerlessness, sadness, low self-esteem, submissiveness, anguish, fearfulness, suffering, hopelessness, feeling rejected, incapacity, depression, self-doubt, fragility and dependency and vulnerability.

While there are those who live life in a chronic victim role, we all go through periods in our lives when we get to play this part — including at work.


The role of the villain can be recognized by observing the following attributes…

Arrogance, selfishness, addiction, deception, scheming, sneaky, cruelty, greedy, manipulative, dissatisfied, intolerant, belligerent and hypocritical.

They have a psychotic capacity to lie to you with a smile on their face…and they are often seductive, charming, flattering and mischievous.

They create diversions and operate with great speed so as to hide their true intentions.

They are wealthy, intelligent and good communicators as well as being an energy draining nightmare.

Since the days of Greek tragedies to today’s modern thrillers, the bad guys move in the half shadows, scheming, cunning, cleverly plotting, and doing whatever they please… undeterred by public opinion.

Villains love to torture and control their victims.

Over years of practice, the script has endowed the villain role with three characteristic tactics for bullying, intimidating, and bulldozing over people: manipulation, control, and abuse.

The common denominator of all villains is a distinct lack of heart.

They freeze you rather than cheer you with warmth.

Their energy pulls you in quickly to take whatever they want from you and does not flow outward to give generously…except to set you up for a bigger take.

Villains take many shapes and sizes, from the executives and boards who depress wages for workers but who grant themselves enormously large pay packages…

To politicians who cater to lobbyists and special interest groups instead of serving the best interests of their constitutes…

To the news media who manufacture and distort news to accommodate their biased agenda.

The villain role is played by many parties…and in as many diabolical ways that you can imagine.


My life’s work is dedicated to helping my clients become their own heroes.

The following are some of the virtuous qualities that you can, must and will develop by acting out the hero role in your own life.

Determined, principled, compassionate, focused, powerful, strong, bold, nurturing, persevering, loving, idealistic, inspiring, giving, disciplined, committed, responsible, honest, caring, humble and courageous.

It’s important to note…in many cases, an actor auditions for the hero role after having played the victim many times.

She has finally found a method to save herself…which becomes her solution for saving other victims who are going through the same problems.

Every time the hero implements this strategy, emotionally she relives saving herself.

This feeling also occurs every time you make a commitment and honor it…every time you make a promise and keep it…and every time you set a goal and achieve it.

By doing these things, you are in effect reinforcing hero qualities and thus becoming your own hero.

Triumph, the thrill of victory…the capacity to dare something worthwhile or to stand for principle is the passion that drives the hero into action.

That’s why I encourage you to become the hero of your own story…the noble hero that takes on and overcomes every challenge, the courageous hero who confronts and defeats the evil villain…and the empowered hero who refuses to be victimized in any way, shape or form.


The purpose of the victim role is to play it over and over until you become your own hero.

If someone else saves you, you’ll repeat the same scenario before long…that’s precisely why I have placed such a strong emphasis on the importance of self-reliance.

Goodness must triumph over evil and virtue must always overrule vice.

It’s only when you become your own hero, when you can stand on your own two feet and save yourself that you are complete.

That is your role, right and responsibility…and that is how you win the fight over evil.