Free Health Coaching!

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Free Health Coaching!

Would you like a free session?

If your answer is yes, please take advantage of my offer of a free 30 minute session face to face at my office or on my landline.

First let me know via an sms to my cell phone 0761458374 and I will sms you back to organize date and time. Another way of contacting me is to message me via Facebook under my name Michael Rault.

Secondly before you have the free session, write out what it is that you want to change in your life. If it is a physical, mental or emotional problem, let me know in your initial communication. It is more effective if both of us know what you want.

Thirdly I will be using EFT/Tapping in the session. You can easily learn how to do EFT by going to html .This is the website of Gary Craig who started EFT. The page should open showing the following

Official EFT Tutorial

PART I For Everyone: The EFT Tapping Basics

How to do the EFT Tapping Basics – The Basic Recipe.

Just read through this. It is easy. It is not long. Gary says that a 10 year old can grasp it. I only need you to know where the points are located. I will do the rest. If you want to read more, you are welcome to study it a little further.

Waiting to hear from you.


Michael Rault.N.D. Health and Life Coach.