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Your response to that statement will reveal a lot to you. Do you love the one and only vehicle that you will have right through your life? Is your body a glorious place to be living in? Did you choose this body? Do you believe that it was imposed on you by your parents? Is it the perfect body for you at this point in time? Has it served you well? Is it forgiving when you neglect it? Write your answers to these questions on some paper or in your journal if you keep one. Your answers to all the questions should be “yes” in my opinion except for the question about whether your parents imposed this body on you. I believe that our souls have choice and freedom, so your body is your choice.

Each of our bodies have pros and cons. They make you the individual that you are. What if the things that you do not like about your body are there because you chose to learn certain lessons connected to those limitations.  What if that includes your gender, family linage and your genes. For most of my life I was unhappy with my genes. I was too unhealthy. Well eventually I learnt how to overcome the genetic limitations that I was unhappy about. That involved choosing to nurture and look after my body in the exact condition that it was in. This wonderful body responded slowly but surely. It took concerted time and effort on my part. I had to choose health. I learnt to accept my body instead of envy those who had more robust bodies. I noticed that I had to pay attention to my mind and emotions as well. Your body is one of your  greatest teachers.

Treat your body well and it will respond. The process requires being consistently nurturing. That is a challenge. It is easier to nurture another person, a pet, a garden in fact any other sentient being on earth. Why? In order to be happy and healthy you have to start by loving and accepting yourself exactly as you are, warts and all as the saying goes. Once you do so then consistent nurturing is required. Most of us battle with being consistent. We want to party and abuse our bodies. It is possible to have fun and look after your body. It involves a new mindset. When you suddenly have to look after a child after having had only to look after yourself, it requires a new mindset. Here are some affirmations that you can use while doing EFT/Tapping while undertaking this journey.


I love and approve of myself exactly as I am.                                                                                   I choose healing thoughts that create and maintain my healthy body and make me look and feel my best.                                                                                                                                     I love and accept my beautiful body.                                                                                                  I appreciate that my limitations are a blessing in disguise, chosen to teach me the lessons that I am here to learn.                                                                                                                          I can undo most of the damage done to my body by my ignorance. I can change. My body is endlessly forgiving. I am endlessly good to myself.                                                                     I have the perfect body for this point of my evolution.                                                                  My body teaches me new lessons as it ages. I accept the external changes. I am as young internally as I choose to be.                                                                                                                  I see myself in perfect health. I am filled with my love. I am filled with Gods love. I am surrounded by eternal love. Eternal love is my spiritual nature. My world is a world of love and gratitude.