Daily Inspiration.

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Daily Inspiration.

Beloved One

I sang outside your window, serenading you with bird-songs of love. But you weren’t listening. I came to you in dreams, whispered sweet nothings in your ear, and granted you visions of what was possible, but you dismissed my voice when you woke up. I showed up as thoughts in your head, affirming that you are beautiful, whole, and cherished, but you let your sweet, scared inner critic write me off. I planted passages from books, blog posts, keynote speeches, bumper stickers, and messages through other people in front of you, hoping you’d hear my voice. But you credited my gushing words of love to the writers, lecturers, car bumpers, and intuitive humans, missing altogether that I was using them to get through to you. 

So today I kneel here before you, beseeching you to finally pay attention to my words.

Your Higher Self.