Natural Remedies for Acne

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Natural Remedies for Acne

An eruption of spots on the skin, caused by overactivity of the sebaceous glands. Usually found on the face, neck, shoulders and back.



Acne is most common at puberty due to increased levels of the male sex hormone testosterone . Although men have higher levels of testosterone than women , during puberty there is an increase of testosterone in both sexes , making girls in this age group just as susceptible to acne .Testosterone causes the sebaceous glands to enlarge and produce more sebum .


When you are under stress,your body releases high levels of hormones to help you handle the situation.One of these hormones is cortisol , which triggers the pancreas to pump glucose into the bloodstream.Cortisol aggravates the sebaceous glands under the skin , which , in turn produce excess sebum,an oily substance designated to lubricate the skin.

Congestion of the liver

It may even be caused by falling in love ! The strong emotion brings on a natural cleansing process of the liver.

Hormone Imbalance

In young girls it may be accompanied by delayed menstruation, resulting from hormone imbalance .


Another cause can be makeup clogging the skins breathing ability and causing allergic reactions.

Other Causes

Bacteria, corticosteroids, lithium carbonate, coal tar derivatives, iodine, over-washing and repetitive rubbing can cause acne .

Dietary factors

Avoid carbohydrates and or sugars-acne patients’ skin glucose tolerance is significantly impaired-acne may be called “skin diabetes “.Insulin resistance must be treated by chromium supplementation and cutting out carbs and sugars.Eliminate transfatty acids-cooked fats and oils and high fat foods .


Avoid the sun. Overexposure to the sun can worsen acne.

Use non allergic cosmetics sparingly.


Tea tree oil can be as effective as benzoyl peroxide.Dab the essential oil onto the trouble spots 3 times a day.Use comfrey or calendula soap for washing the face .Alpha Lipoic Acid cream helps repair facial skin as does ester C cream.

Add a few drops of  the following essential oils to hot water for a  facial steam:bergamot,chamomile,lavender , petigrain ,geranium or lemongrass .These may also be well diluted in a vegetable-oil base to massage into the skin .


Agnus castus or chasteberry capsules or tea regulates hormones.2 cups of the tea is enough.Herbalists have been using this herb to regulate hormones for centuries.If your skin erupts in unsightly bumps when you are having your period or you notice acne like changes in your skin during menopause ,try sipping 1-2 cups of the tea a day .

Vitamin B6- helpful for women with premenstrual acne due to effect on steroid hormone metabolism .50-100 mg daily .

Pantothenic acid.2 –10 grams in divided doses with meals induces regression of lesions without side effects.

MSM.2000-3000mg daily detoxify skin.

Blood cleansing herbs can be taken 3 times a day between meals as a tea, tincture or capsules for a few weeks. Burdock root, cleavers, Echinacea, milk thistle, yellow dock, dandelion, red clover are some examples of liver cleansing and blood cleansing herbs.

Either consult a  homeopath for constitional treatment or look the following up in a homeopathic materia medica, calc sulph, silicea, sulphur, kali bromatum, pulsatilla, antimonium crudum, arsenicum album, psorinum or carbo veg.

Zinc-30mg two or three times a day. Reduces inflammation and aids healing.

Vitamin A: 10,000 to 30,000 iu three times per day.

Chromium Picolinate:200 mcg with each meal.

Vitamin E 400 iu per day with selenium 200 mcg per day.

Omega 3 oils: 3000-6000 mg per day divided over mealtimes.

Alpha Lipoic Acid capsules 200-500mg daily.

Drink plenty of water to help keep your skin from drying out.

Bowel detox and repopulation are necessary in some persistent cases.

I use colloidal silver and or the rife machine for bad infections instead of anti biotics.

Vitamin B complex - important for healthy skin tone and is an anti stress nutrient for the nerves.

Chlorophyll-cleansing and prevents infections.

Vitamin C - reduces inflammation and promotes healing.

Vitamin D - promotes healing.