Now is the time to Focus on Joy.

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Now is the time to Focus on Joy.

As we move into yet another year, most people are feeling unsure and gloomy about their lives. This is understandable. These are trying times. Do not follow those who only see doom and gloom. At the same time look clearly at what is going on. Descisions and perhaps confrontations will be needed. Ongoing attention needs to be placed upon positive emotions like joy.

 The Law of Attraction works all the time.  To oversimplify this principle: if you focus on lack, you will get more lack, if you focus on abundance, you will open the door to attracting more abundance. The easy part for us is that this “law” leaves us with one simple job — to find a way to focus on joy, regardless of negative situations that may be circulating through our lives.  The more we focus on joy, the higher our vibration; the higher our vibration, the more abundance we attract into our lives. 

Does this mean we should be in denial about reality?  No, it just means that it is within our power to decide how much time we spend focusing on challenges that bother us, situations we are powerless over, or issues that make us optimistic and happy.  We get to choose…

Perhaps like many people these days, you may be worried about your financial situation, the mortgage payments or how you will be able to afford your children’s education.  The worries may all be valid…but it’s up to you to make time to focus on what is going well.

Perhaps you have some troubles at home with your kids or in your relationship.  It may seem factual to you – your teenager is getting into trouble and you should do something about it…but it’s also up to you to find time to write your gratitude list and focus on joy in your life.

We can’t control other people or our government, we can’t control our friends or adversaries, so why don’t we start controlling what we can — our focus on joy — and use this as a way to invite the Law of Attraction to partner with us to bring us what we want in our lives?  Remember, the higher your vibration, the more clear and pure your positive signal is to the Universe.  When your signal is clear, the Universe can “hear” you and deliver what you want into your life. 

Try the EFT setup phrases below to refocus your energy…


The EFT SETUP Phrases for this topic are as follows:

While tapping the karate chop spot on either hand, repeat these phrases out loud, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

“Even though I can’t help focusing on my problems and or the worlds problems, I deeply and completely accept all of me and my feelings.”

“Even though I have a bad habit of worrying about what’s wrong, I choose to make some new positive habits.”

“Even though I seem pulled towards my problems, I’m willing to start focusing on joy now.”

I have indicated where to tap while saying each of the phrases below. You may repeat the positive round more than once if you wish. (Those of you who are new to EFT may view a chart of the spots on my web site article called Start Tapping-EFT for Beginners.)

***Now for the phrases that focus on the problem***

Eyebrow: “I keep focusing on my problems.”

Side of Eye: “It’s a terrible habit.”

Under Eye: “I want to focus on joy but I can’t.”

Nose: “I have this habit of focusing on negativity.”

Chin: “I have a lot of troubles right now.”

Collarbone: “I don’t know how to change my focus.”

Under Arm: “There is so much to worry about.”

Head: “All my worries…”

***Now for the positive focus on the solution***

Eyebrow: “I choose to focus on joy.”

Side of Eye: “I want to feel joyful.”

Under Eye: “But shouldn’t I focus on reality?”

Nose: “I appreciate so much joy in my life.”

Chin: “I love being more positive.”

Collarbone: “I want to focus on joy in my life.”

Under Arm: “I choose to feel joyful.”

Head: “I know just what to focus on to feel joyful.”

Then tap on the following phrases as you complete one more round:

Eyebrow: I love knowing we all deserve abundance…
Side of Eye: I choose to tune into the guidance I am receiving…
Under Eye: I appreciate the prosperity in my life…
Nose: I love appreciating myself, my friends, my opportunities…
Chin: I’m grateful for all the new channels for abundance…
Collarbone: I appreciate exactly who I am…
Under Arm: I appreciate all the lessons I have learned…
Head: I am so grateful for all the prosperity in my life.