Health Coaching Program.

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Health Coaching Program.

Health Coaching.

Do you want improved health and happiness? Are you willing to change? If you have answered yes to these questions, you have come to the right place to achieve your goals.

My mission is to educate, motivate and empower you by providing you with an owners manual for the most important asset you will ever own-A HEALTHY BODY. It is time for you to live up to your real health potential. My job is to help you make that happen.

What are your health and well being goals? Do you want a healthier, fitter, thinner more relaxed body? Are you looking for more peace of mind, well being/ease and better sleep? Is stress getting on top of you? Do you want to achieve more in life? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Now is the time for you to get the help and support that you need! I don’t make or take excuses. I help you make results happen. Let’s create greater health for you and keep it that way.

Let’s identify your core health challenges and mutually work out a plan to rectify them using nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

I offer you a one-on-one holistic health coaching program that delivers the specific nutrition, supplement and lifestyle factors that you need to live a life of greater health and happiness.

Health freedom is your greatest asset. It will change your life to what you want it to be. All that is required is a commitment on your part to feeling better, a desire for personal growth and the ability to learn about, listen to and understand what your body has  to say to you.

You will learn to make more informed choices from the comfort of your home that will keep you healthy and out of conventional medical establishments while saving you a lot of money.

What do you receive? You get just over three and a half months of interactive health coaching and education. Every week you will be taught step by step how to detox your body and what measures to take to live large in this toxic and stressed world. Much of the information will be new to you. Also ongoing coaching will keep you positive and moving forward.

What you will learn about:

  • Learn and apply the nutritional rebuilding system that I have found during the 40 years I’ve been in practice. Get to know what foods are best and worst for you. We are all addicted to the foods that we are intolerant of. Explore the miracles that proper supplementation can bring about. Find out what the top nutritional supplements can do for you. Understand the truth and the hype around supplements. Leave unhealthy food addictions behind you. Become addicted to life! Eat nutritious foods!

  • Learn when and how to exercise. No more punishing fitness programs here. Do you exercise too much, too little or not at all? Get your fitness program up and running consistently for your age and level of health. I personally teach yoga, tai chi and qi gong. These are powerful health and strength builders. No harsh programs are needed.

  • Improve your digestion and immune system. We start with healing the gut. This is crucial. Detoxify and rebuild the friendly bowel flora. Happy bowels give rise to a happy mind and emotions. This calms and strengthens the immune system.

  • Learn about the most common toxins in your environment, food, water, air, work place and home. Identify the toxins accumulated in your body and get started detoxifying them. Detox slowly and surely.

  • Balance your hormones. Toxins drive your hormones crazy. They are the powerhouse of your body. Support your hormones so that poor skin, low energy, mood and sleep problems become a thing of the past.

  • What is your emotional baggage level like? Learn about it and get rid of it by building new neuronal pathways in your brain. Let’s release your emotional hurts, negative thinking and traumas. Establish greater peace, relaxation and cultivate an empowering mindset. Nutrition and energy psychology are top of the list as well as other practices and therapies. The goal is for you to have a positive attitude and whole new lease on life. Mental and emotional wounds endure until they are taken care of. They are often at the bottom of self sabotage. If you do not have a good self care program up and running in your life, the residue of old wounds may be blocking you from taking excellent care of your health. Old wounds are toxic and hammer the nervous system, making neurosis the order of the day. They also result in lots of extra stress and cortisol in your system. This can result in an overactive or underactive immume system. The bottom line is that we need to detoxify mind and emotions just like we need to detoxify the body in order to be healthy and happy.

  • Plan and maintain a health program for the rest of your life. Detox is not a one shot deal. It needs to be ongoing. Keep moving forward in your quest for an awesome, exciting happy life.

Detox and Rebuild Program.


  • Health evaluation which includes 1-2 hours of exploring the status of your body, mind and emotions. This includes your personal health goals.
  • Hair and or other forms of analysis to get a good picture of your strengths, weaknesses and deficiencies.
  • You will be given a program tailored to your needs to begin detoxification and rebuilding.(1-2 hours)


  • Strategic Health Coaching that helps you take action and carry the program out. Sessions are usually done over the telephone once a week. They ensure that you keep motivated  and get on with the program. Coaching provides the accountability and support that are necessary for you to reach your health improvement goals. The program is holistic and includes mental and emotional detox. Most of us need to change/release/let go of old sabotage patterns and negative ways of thinking. This is a painless yet liberating process.
  • 12 sessions cost R2750.00
  • Included are free 5 minute Q & A sessions that may come up at any time.An example of this is you are about to buy a supplement or new superfood that someone in a health shop has offered you. A quick call to me establishes whether you need it and or which brand is the best quality or whether it is just some sales hype.
  • email and text support as needed.


After you have been doing the work and  following a more healthy lifestyle (exercising more, relaxing more, sleeping more, drinking more pure water etc) for 1-3 months it is time to do a second hair analysis to measure the actual progress of detox that has happened in your body. It gives us direction concerning your need for further detox and or further nutritional rebuilding. At the same time your levels of stress will indicate the amount of emotional detox achieved. The hair analysis cost will depend on how many problems you had in the first place and will cost between R200.and R350. and the revised program feedback session will cost R250. to R350.

Phase I: R1500.00

Phase II :R 2750.00 (3 months. It all depends on the individual. We can decide on this together)

Phase III: R 500. to R700.


Free Yourself from the Shackles of Poor  Health.Contact Michael Rault.

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