The Principles of My Coaching and Your Consciousness

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The Principles of My Coaching and Your Consciousness

Quantum Physics

Quantum physics is a liberating science because it explores the world of possibilities and shows you how you are in control of your future. It’s empowering to know that you control your future and you determine your destiny. I use coaching + these energetic rules of nature and apply them to any situation to bring about very successful results.

Do you believe that your life is based on your wealth and many other uncontrollable circumstances? Dwelling on the uncontrollable can be depressing. Your energy and the workings of your mind are the most important factors affecting the outcome or your goals.

You have heard that “you achieve what you believe + what you focus on expands”. These are not airy fairy principles. Quantum physics teaches that everything is made up of vibrating strings of energy that human will has an influence over. Your conscious is shaping your future right now.

What you do with your consciousness determines your outcomes. These principles are called the Laws of Attraction. They influence your health, career, finances, relationships and happiness. You live in a state of unending possibilities of your own making, where even a small shift in energy can create a far reaching change in reality. Health and Life Coaching as I use them specifically lead you to taking more control of your own creative power. All that is needed is a willingness to explore new possibilities and some effort.

Do you feel like you are on a treadmill, constantly busy completing endless tasks, while feeling empty, stuck and longing to be more free. Quantum physics reveals that you are at the very center of a world of unlimited power and potential. Coaching assists youto turn things around in your personal and professional lives. Leave  the failures of your past plus the present doom and gloom of this world behind. Set out on your journey to a new happier future right now. I hear success stories from my clients daily. These are brave people who have decided to untangle themselves from the destiny of the masses, who cannot embrace their own personal power.

If you want something new, you have to do what it takes to change and make things happen. As a coach I ensure that you take the steps necessary and adjust your strategy as you go along in order to get to your goals. Those around you will tend to say this is woo woo stuff and not many of them will support your growth unconditionally. That is probably because they refuse to do this kind of internal work.

Coaching sessions are normally once a week. Keeping a written record of your process is best done in a journal. You can start by writing down the goals that we discussed in the beginning. Add in any important dreams and wishes when they come up. Track your progress in your journal as time goes by. Feedback/progress may lead to you changing or modifying your goals as life moves on. Daily spend at least 20 minutes writing about your current thoughts, feelings, intentions and dreams. For example:

  • I intend to regain and maintain great health.
  • I intend to eat more raw and cooked vegetables.
  • I intend to follow a sugar free low-carb lifestyle.
  • I intend to be pain free in the next few days/weeks/months.
  • I intend to spend more time in nature relaxing and exercising.
  • I intend to spend/shop within my means.
  • I intend to earn………. monthly by……….(increase earnings)
  • I intend to find a new job.
  • I intend to follow through on a complete life and personal makeover.
  • I intend to increase my self confidence, self esteem, joy and happiness.
  • I intend to maximize my brainpower, memory and creativity.
  • I intend to study for ……..hours daily.
  • I intend to become tennis champion of my club.
  • I intend to overcome my anger issues.
  • I intend to overcome my anxiety/ fears/ depression/ sadness/ hopelessness or any any habitual negative emotion that I suffer from.
  • I intend to be a more loving, considerate and caring partner and or parent.
  • I intend to make a living doing………. what I feel passionate about.
  • I intend to become a non smoker or a non drinker.
  • I intend to lose 10,20,30 kg. by………..(date)
  • I intend to detoxify my body, mind and emotions.
  • I intend to manage stress better,be more understanding and more relaxed.
  • I intend to adopt a wellness lifestyle.
  • I intend to beat procrastination and be organized.
  • I intend to recover from the traumas I have suffered from.
  • I intend to find a new job.
  • I intend to go through a complete life and personal makeover.
  • I intend to be an inspiration to the world.

Which of the above really appeals to you or scares you. Consider those as worthy goals. Once you have turned your goals into intentions and put them on paper as affirmations you are ready to make them into new beliefs.

Tap and do EFT on them daily while saying them out loud. There are many other techniques also involved here which you will learn in coaching sessions with me. If I put them into this blog, it would be the length of a book.

The job is to get your whole brain to align with your goals. Clarifying your purpose goes a long way toward achieving your goals and keeping consistent focus. Writing out affirmations and tapping on them is a dynamic part of the change process. If your mind is not rooted in positive thoughts, it is likely to be directed by unconscious negative thoughts/beliefs.

When coaching, I frequently change affirmations  to focus on different intentions concerning you and your goals. Affirm your new life every day while writing and tapping.

Quantum Success

Take all these steps and you will pour happiness and direction into your very cells and life will start to change. You live in a miraculous world. If you have known failure before, that was just part of your training to bring you to this point. Realize that you live in a world of power and energy that is waiting for you to instruct it and work harmoniously with it.

Cause and effect pulsate with the power of endless possibilities. When you take control of your life force, you can align yourself with the laws of Quantum Physics to create happiness and success. With these processes as an active part of your daily life, you will achieve your goals and your life will be richly blessed.