Weight Loss Challenge No 6

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Weight Loss Challenge No 6

Are You With Me?

This time of year we are all drawn into celebrations and parties of one kind or another.Most people tend to gain weight if they eat and drink more than they burn.Trying to burn calories off via exercise is very difficult. Exercise benefits you  in a multitude of ways and improves health and well being. Trying to lose weight with exercise is very difficult, unless you are a marathon runner or triathlete.                                                  The slimming business is huge. There are books, programs, boot camps and DVDs galore. There is such a glut of information out there that some people are put off by it while others try one program after another and either never lose much weight or yo yo  up and down, struggling to stay at their ideal weight.                                                                                                   95% of dieters fail to achieve permanent weight loss according to a survey by “Psychology Today Magazine”. Motivation and self control are keys to successful weight control no matter what the popular fads tell you. To be successful at anything you need to sustain a positive and upbeat approach so that you can stay focused on your goals, maintain your commitment, keep your sense of humor, overcome any setbacks and remain flexible in your approach. You can achieve anything once you believe that you can, so trust your own commitment to your weight control and get started. Firstly you have to accept this as a challenge and step out of your comfort zone into something new.                     

Action Step 1:                                                                                                                        

State your decision and your goals on paper. Be very specific. How much weight or inches do you want to burn off? By when? Do you want to change your eating habits? Would you like to drop a dress size? Be realistic about your time frame. Break your goals into doable steps. Take one step at a time. Don’t set targets that you can’t achieve. That is a form of self sabotage. Make short term goals easily attainable. “Baby Steps” as the saying goes.That will motivate and encourage you as it is possible.                                                    

Also write out your longer term goals. A classic goal for most of us is  ” I want to feel more in control of my eating habits. What is your first small step? Be clear about the next steps you intend you intend to take to fulfill each goal, the food you will eat and the exercise you will do. Move step by step  on this journey. Daily steps build into weekly steps and weekly steps build into eventual long term goals. Short term daily goals are achievable. Each day builds on what has gone before. This builds confidence, strength and determination.                                                                   Even if your weight is not your issue and you are trying to improve your health for other reasons, this approach can work for you. Remember that a common problem this time of year is FOMO or FOLO. FOMO stands for ‘feelings of missing out’ and FOLO stands for ‘feeling of being left out’ All the brainwashing of TV and movies can take you over and you start indulging like it is your last meal as a result. Follow your heart and health needs instead of traditions and brainwashing that makes you mindless like the majority of the human race(who are totally functioning as automatic mindless consumers).                                                                                        

We all resist change and become stubborn when faced with doing the hard work of making changes. Previous articles refer to these problems that can stop you before you even start.                                                  Action Steps:                                                                                                       To have taken the first step, you have to have been decisive. This involves:  

1/ You have worked out how you want to  change. You know what you intend to change. You have written out your goals.                                              

2/You have clarified your decisions. You have asked how can I make this happen? You have brainstormed and written it all down. What else can you come up  with? Decide exactly how  to change how you behave.

 3/Take action to change habits and behavior eg do not hang around the fridge, kitchen or bakery if that causes you to weaken. If you do what you always did you will get the results that you always got in the past.                 4/Visualise your intention-really see and experience your outcome while tapping one or several times a day. Look in a mirror while tapping and making the statements.  Add affirmations to that. Affirm that your outcome is happening and believe 100% in your goal. Take new and appropriate action.

Here are powerful free tools to help you make all this happen:                         1/Type the search engine “EFT for Weight Loss” into U Tube and lots of tap along clips of varying length will come up. For example Erica Lee G has a 30 day weight loss challenge of clips  to tap along with. Read and tap along with one each day. If you want to do extra work, add in some others. Do not burn yourself out by doing too much. Tap for about 30 minutes each day using these.                                                                                                                     2/Below is a list of Abraham Hicks U Tube clips for Law of Attraction and and Mindset training. This is very empowering stuff. Watch one a day from the list below. Tap along while listening and learning. Spend 30 minutes a day doing this.                                                                                                 3/ Type the search engine into U Tube for visualisation for weight loss, hypnosis for weight loss and affirmations for weight loss. Do about 15 minutes a day doing this provided that you have the time and are not frightened by these forms of reprogramming for your brain. Tap along while listening on headphones. If you are not familiar with hypnosis or visualisation , read up on them and give it a try. We all need as much brain reprogramming as possible. Why do you think everyone has so much to say about mindset and weight loss or control. Why do most people fail when they attempt this? It has been said that we use all these techniques to try and deprogram our brains and to reprogram them for success. You are actually trying to break the negative disempowering hypnosis that your brain and mind have been subjected to your entire life via  media and tv.

These 3 tools combined can help you to break free from internal blockages of all kinds. They do take time. They will work. Getting your mind and emotions aligned with your goals is essential.

Here are some U Tube Abraham Hicks titles that are very helpful:                    How to lose weight,really with applying the law of attraction.                          Beliefs Food and Health.                                                                                                  How to Align with weight loss.                                                                                      I want to lose 200 lbs.                                                                                                        When you call yourself fat you should be offended.                                               Forget diet and exercise.                                                                                                  How to lose weight fast now.                                                                                         New 2016 trying to lose weight.Find the vibrational cause.                                 Think yourself thin.                                                                                                           Expect food to make you slim and healthy.                                                               Relief from belief I have no self discipline with food.                                           2016. Do this every day when something is out of control.                                   2016.Changing weight beliefs (new).                                                                           Healing addiction with the power of your mind.                                                      Conjuring the feeling of perfect body weight.                                                           Lose weight with self encouragement.                                                                      Make friends with your food.                                                                                         Sugar and stepping stones in weight loss.                                                                  Food as compensation for misalignment with Source.                                          Wanting to be healthy happy and slim.                                                                      Controlling Food.                                                                                                               I am a food addict. Four wheel process.                                                                       A completely new way to look at losing weight.                                                       I want to reduce weight.

Love and Light.                                                                                    Michael