Weight Loss Challenge No 7

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Weight Loss Challenge No 7

Summary of points made up to now:

I you are trying to lose weight or prevent yourself from gaining weight or get started on a health program, the time to start is today. Your mind may want to put this off until tomorrow or any other day (after you have finished all the unhealthy food in your refrigerator for example). See this for what it is. We resist and avoid things we do not feel like doing. The brain sees this in a very simple way. It is programmed to go for pleasure and avoid pain. It sees all the pleasure that it can lose on a health program and fears the pain of change. It is comfortable just doing what you have always done. Therefore we procrastinate, which is a way of saying no. Most of the time you are surrounded by people who are doing just the same thing. They are going to be cynical about making healthy changes because they think that they have a lot to lose in terms of living and eating for comfort and pleasure only. Think of the big picture. Weight loss, detoxification and personal growth are well worth going through some changes. Life hands us all challenges every day and we accept or reject them. You may have to stop procrastinating and break free from the herd in order to do so.

Action Step 1 :

Write down your precise goals. Take one step at a time. There are different stages of being ready and making decisions. Only someone who has started to move towards being prepared to make lifestyle changes will find these words meaningful. It might be interesting only and that indicates that you are still at the pre-decision stage. Can you write out a contract made with yourself about what you want to do? Here is an example:

                                                    My Contract

I …………………………..

commit myself to examine and read about the changes in my life that I want to make. I will become clear about what I want to achieve. I am ready to make changes and I honor my decision to do new things. I reach for my best.

I agree to plan and write out my strategies and really focus on improving my life. I am ready to grow as a person. I take responsibility for my life.

I am determined to succeed and I know that I will. I will make myself available to whatever help and encouragement I need along the way.



Once you have reached a stage of commitment, you take one step at a time. Often this is referred to as ‘baby steps’. Every job can be broken up into manageable steps. To motivate yourself I have suggested that you watch You Tube :

  • Abraham Hicks for the Law of Attraction information on most subjects. There is a lot of info on weight loss or getting things done or money or attitude and the law of attraction. It is vital to learn this mindset.
  • EFT for weight loss or for getting things done or procrastination or success or motivation and much more.
  • Getting Things Done with David Allen. Lots of technical clips available on You Tube.
  • Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. A 7 hour audio book by Larry Bossidy.
  • Motivation To Get Things Done. 1 hour subliminal plus various others
  • Self Hypnosis for Getting Things Done and or Success hypnosis.
  • Bullet Journal + Getting Things Done.
  • Much more help is available on You Tube if you are trying seriously to get something done. Yes it takes time. If you work with me as a health coach, I will quickly pinpoint your particular blocks and help you overcome them. Whatever has happened in your past can affect your present attempts to do something. We all have to detoxify our minds and lay in new neural pathways to the success we desire. EFT, NLP, CBT, Law of Attraction, self hypnosis/visualization, affirmations all play useful parts in this process.

Work out daily what you need to do to get the momentum to achieve your goals. Starting the day with journal writing is my personal best self therapy. You can write about what you did during the last 24 hours, your goals, dreams, fears, inspiration or anything that comes up strongly for you.  Do EFT while you watch or listen to other material. 30-60 minutes of EFT per day will really lower your stress levels. Do it while you watch TV. Every tap has an impact on you. Tap away at any chance you get, even when stuck in traffic or at a traffic light.

Step 2. Maintain a Positive Focus.

Keeping focus on your weight loss, detoxification or health program will take some effort on your part and at least an hour a day. Bringing new behaviour into being takes time and focus. During the day keep some sort of affirmations going in your head and write them down as well. For example:

I look good and feel good.                                                                                                                                Day by day I become cleaner, leaner and healthier.                                                                                Every day I become more resolved to achieve my goals.                                                                      I……(your name) love myself.                                                                                                                        My body automatically processes whatever food I eat and builds health and balanced weight from it.                                                                                                                                                      Everything I eat always turns to health and beauty.                                                                              I deserve to achieve and maintain my perfect weight of …………..                                                  I deserve to maintain my perfect weight,  no matter what I eat.                                                        It is easy for me to maintain my perfect weight of………….. if I think so.                                    I am a perfect example of health and fitness.                                                                                          I am the architect of my own body.                                                                                                              I am in awe of the incredible design of my body.                                                                                     I am forever thankful for my healthy body.                                                                                              I am good to my body and my body is good to me.                                                                                 I appreciate and love my body and treat it accordingly.                                                                        I cherish and support my wonderful body in every way possible.                                                      I exercise daily to keep my bones healthy and hormones balanced.                                                I feel thinner and fitter every day.                                                                                                                I feel immense appreciation for all the unseen miracles inside my body.                                     I honor my body in all that I do.                                                                                                                     I love and nurture my body.                                                                                                                            I love taking care of myself.                                                                                                                            I love the shape of my body just the way it is.                                                                                          My body loses excess weight easily                                                                                                              My body metabolizes fat very quickly.                                                                                                        My body rejuvenates and regenerates itself every day.                                                                          My great metabolism helps keep me fit and trim.                                                                                My metabolism improves daily.                                                                                                                    My subconscious mind directs my body to be perfect in every way.                                                  I am committed to creating a healthy, toned, slim and fit body.                                                   I I can easily picture myself at my ideal weight of…………….                                                                My waist is……………………inches/cms .                                                                                                   Daily fitness has taken years off how I look and feel.

Don’t worry if you find it hard to believe these statements. Remember that they work by first contradicting and then by replacing any of your limiting beliefs. Keep on saying them and they will eventually become true for you. Create your own affirmations if you wish, but make sure they are always positive and that they are always in the present tense. If you affirm that you will become slim and healthy then the realisation of your goal will always stay in the future. Say, sing, think, these affirmation any time you can (in the car, in the bath, out shopping……..anywhere). The more you repeat them the quicker they will work. Write them down and make a note of any emotions they arouse in you. Pin up your affirmations around your home and put them on your desk and in your handbag to keep reminding yourself of your goals and your determination to realize them. Bring your new positive thoughts into the very center of your life and just watch them come true!

Love and Blessings