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Using “What If” in the EFT/Tapping Setup

Performance Anxiety “WHAT IF” tapping is one of my favorite EFT strategies to bring clients (or myself) closer to their goals. As one of my clients said, “WHAT IF? is a fascinating question…it opens up so many possibilities!” Fascinating indeed, and a powerful variation on the basic EFT setup phrases. I have found that it allows clients to pose questions without feeling too threatened at the thought of releasing their struggles. It does seem to leave the door open for new options, and any time

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4 Key Steps To Heal From Any Kind Of Trauma

The Facts Trauma can be seen as stress that has been trapped in the body. It can affect our daily life in many ways, and given our neuroplastic brain, trauma can create undesirable habits if gone unchecked. Reflect On Do you feel consistent stress? Perhaps unexplainable low energy? Feeling as though you are on edge for no reason? This could be a sign of a body and nervous system stuck in a trauma trained pattern. Before you begin… Take a moment and breathe. Place your hand over your chest area

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How Expressing Gratitude Rewires Your Brain for the Better.

[] The positive psychology movement might not be your cup of tea — especially if you view it as some kind of Pollyanna sugarcoating of hardships, that’s superficial at best, downright denial at worst. Looking on the bright side all the time may simply ring false. But there is one positive feeling that we would be wise to cultivate, if nothing else than for our personal well-being.

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Purify Your Bodys' Water.Purify Your Life.

We are made of water. Well, mostly. Depending on how old you are and whether you’re male or female, you will be anywhere around55% to 80% [] water. Even your bones are about a third water! Water is a phenomenal and little-understood state of matter that has incredible properties. One of its most extraordinary abilities is how it can be programmed. Th

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[Forwarded from Luz Haseya] [ Photo ] Grace Descends down Upon the body Down Into the heart In a moment of beauty Grace lands through the welcoming of all parts of the self Through love Grace Descends From the heavenly realm Grace Arrives May we rest deeply in the beloved arms of grace under the illumination of the Full Moon A moon calling forth balance and inner harmony May we dissolve gently all internal conflicts to bring balance to body and mind May we awaken the inner landscape

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Stop Fearing Scarcity.

How to Create an Abundance Mindset You’ve heard the phrase, “You are your own worst enemy.” This can be true for many people. Stuck in scarcity mode, instead of embracing an abundance mindset, it’s hard to go after what you really want in life. Patterns of negative self-talk like, “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do that” hold you back from achievement. What if you changed the record? Living in abundance means to see the endless potential in yourself and others. When you expand your perspec