Goal Setting

Goal Setting

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Free Health Coaching!

Would you like a free session? If your answer is yes, please take advantage of my offer of a free 30 minute session face to face at my office or on my landline. First let me know via an sms to my cell phone 0761458374 and I will sms you back to organize date and time. Another way of contacting me is to message me via Facebook under my name Michael Rault. Secondly before you have the free session, write out what it is that you want to change in your life. If it is a physical, mental or emotion

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Beat Sabotage and Resistance.

Most people don’t like change and would rather stay stuck where they are. Do you think that it is easier for things to stay as they are? It takes less effort, plus it is what you know and are accustomed to. There is the proverb that says “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Do you feel it is easier to deal with a familiar situation rather than take a risk with an unknown new person, job, country, neighborhood or lifestyle. When you decide to change, resistance comes up fast. Pe

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Play a Bigger Game? Yes Please!

Why bother with coaching? Some people use coaching to regain their health. Some use coaching to manage chronic conditions or overcome addictions. Some use coaching to improve their marriages. Some use coaching to initiate and sustain personal growth,learning and change. Some use coaching to fulfill their purpose on earth. I believe coaching is a tool that can enrich our lives, so that we may fully express our creative abilities. We are all here to live on earth and create circumstances that are

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Make It Happen Today. Do It This Week. No Excuses!

Decide now to make this the best year of your life! Do not wait around before you get started. Start right away. I’ll do it next week, next month or next year is just an excuse. Do you start each year with lots of good intentions. Do you  find that your new years resolutions do not last long? A quarter of them usually last a week. Half of them last longer than a month. Under 8 % manifest and how long do they last. Making long term changes is  a serious, tough and rewarding job, so get started r