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Make It Happen Today. Do It This Week. No Excuses!

Decide now to make this the best year of your life! Do not wait around before you get started. Start right away. I’ll do it next week, next month or next year is just an excuse. Do you start each year with lots of good intentions. Do you  find that your new years resolutions do not last long? A quarter of them usually last a week. Half of them last longer than a month. Under 8 % manifest and how long do they last. Making long term changes is  a serious, tough and rewarding job, so get started r

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Alternative Treatments For Cancer - Part 4 - Suggested Strategy

Since there are many disease conditions which travel under the banner of ‘cancer’, each condition and each person with such a condition needs to be assessed individually (although allopathic treatment is almost always based on pre-conceived protocols usually involving chemo-therapy, radiation and/or surgery, more or less regardless of individual conditions pertaining to the patient under treatment). If cancer is individual in some regards, when it comes to each individual suffering from some fo

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Alternative Treatments For Cancer - Part 3 - Alternative Protocols

Aside from differing treatment substances, there are numerous treatment protocols, which in plain language means there are many ways to approach the issue of cancer having been diagnosed as being present in particular person as a disease condition. Below I will provide the name of the protocol and a literature reference in many cases. Space does not here allow me to go into any detail or case histories. Caesuim chloride and DMSO. Developed by Dr K Brewer. Read Cancer Diagnosed by Prof W Serfon

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Alternative treatments For Cancer - Part 2 - Alternative treatments

Alternative treatments for cancer (or any other disease for that matter a very wide variety of options and approaches. The bellow are lists of just some of the leading or most successful treatments. Nutritional supplements is one large body of alternative treatments which includes: Alpha lipoic acid: A powerful antioxidant which regulates gene expression. Carotenoids: Lycopenes etc, are antioxidants that, inhibit cellular proliferation and protect against malignancies. L-Arginine: Enhances i

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Alternative Treatments For Cancer - Part 1 - Action Plan

‘You have cancer.’ That statement coming from your medical doctor or oncologist is often thought of as a death sentence. That fear is due to the short-term high death rates from most cancers, despite, in many cases, the application of expensive and extensive conventional cancer treatments. Conventional cancer treatment consists usually of surgery, radiotherapy, hormone treatment (in hormone-dependant cancers) and chemotherapy. These methods do not have a real ‘cure’ rate of more than 5% of p