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ADD and ADHD Children.

I have repeatedly put articles on facebook questioning the ADD and ADHD labels. The psychiatrist Peter Breggin refers to the diagnosis scandel in his books.Here are the titles of a few of many books all taking a non mainstream approach to these kind of problems our children are running into: The Creators of ADHD on Trial by Susan du Plessis and Dr. Jan Strydom. Ritalin Free Kids by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman. N.D. and Robert Ullman. N.D. No More Ritalin. by Dr. Mary Ann Block. The Hyperactivity H

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Breastfeeding Problems

Breast milk is the best nourishment you can give a baby, for whom it is custom made. It contains so many nutrients that they have not all  been identified yet. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that infants be breastfed exclusively for six months and that breastfeeding continue for at least the first year. Any amount of breastfeeding benefits the baby. It is a nurturing and rewarding experience for most mothers that will effect both mother and child long term. In my opinion two years